Friday, April 13, 2012

Best Most Stable Rom for the Htc Evo 4g

Hello guys this is one of the best roms I have ever used on my Evo. It is really stable and has some really good battery life. The rom has almost everything working. The only thing that is not working in this rom is picture messaging besides that everything else works just fine. The rom runs very very nice and you can clock it to 1ghz if you would like. The rom is very snappy and has all the great features of Sense 3.0 will all the stability of Sense 2.1. The rom is A MikG rom and it is one of the most stable of the MikG roms. This rom is really stable and I have not had any weird or random reboots on me. The rom is almost prefect, but there is always something wrong with every single rom and this roms picture messaging doesn't work which is really weird. This rom has some of the nicest tweaks I have seen in any rom so far. You can change your boot up animations you can change boot down animations and you can also change your font from the tweaks. You can change the color of battery percent and you can change the color of the time in your status bar. You can change the whole status bar to have sprint lover rom themed bar which I would recommend doing it looks very cool. The rom is just super stable and if you need a stable Sense rom and you don't use picture messaging then I would recommend using this rom. To download this rom click here to download this MikG rom. To see this rom in action look below this post I have as youtube video review on this rom.

#8 Best Games of 2012

Hello guys I am going to be doing my #8 Best Games of this week review so lets get this thing started. The first Game is Supersonic Hd and this app is really cool and looks very nice on phones/tablets. This game is like a 3d kind of vortex and you need to dodge and avoid things. It has great graphics and it runs super smooth. To download Supersonic Hd click here to download Supersonic Hd. The next Game is Shogun and what you have to do in this game is  destroy battleships and different ships. You are equipped with lasers and guns and you have to destroy all the others ships. To download Shogun then click here to download Shogun. The next Game is Canabalt and what you have to do in this is game is just jump from building top to other building top while avoiding these different obstacles. to download Canabalt then click here to download Canabalt. The next Game is Tiny Little Racing and this is a racing game. There are not many option in this game but it is pretty fun. You can race other people and you can also do time trials. To download Tiny Little Racing click here to download Tiny Little Racing. The last Game is Paper Jet and what you have to do in this game is flick a paper airplane as far as you can and you have to try to get as far as you can. The farther you get the more money you get. To download Paper Jet then click here to download Paper Jet. When you get to site where you download the Games from after you click the link you must sign up to download the file the account is free so just sign up. To see these games in action then look below this post you will see a video review that I made about these games.

#8 Best Apps of 2012

Hello guys this is my #8 best apps so lets get this thing started. The first app is called Rom Toolbox Pro this is a super cool app that lets you tweak your whole android system. You must be rooted to use this app and if you are more of an advanced user you will find more use out of this app, but amateur users will still be able to use this app it is really simple. This app can set your cpu it can change your whole font that you have on your rom it can do a lot of cool and handy stuff. To download Rom Toolbox Pro click here to download Rom ToolBox Pro. The next app is OverSkreen and what  this app does is put a Internet browser on your screen, but it lets you move around the screen also and open all your apps. The browser stays there and you can resize it. It is great for just quickly looking up stuff on the internet when your in any application. To download OverSkreen click here to download OverSkreen. The next app is calculations and this app is a calculator and a bunch of other stuff all in one. The app lets you convert so many different things, it allows you to calculate tip and morgage. The app is very handy when you need a good calculator. To download Calculations then click here to download Calculations. The next app is Miui File explorer this is one of the best file explorer I have used because it categorizes everything on your sd card in different categories so it makes it really easy for you to navigate through your sd card. To download Miui File explorer then click here Miui File explorer. The last app is DoubleTwist for some reason in the youtube video some of the music twist got cut out. So I will explain it here the app is a music player that lets you listen to the radio station. You can also transfer music to your Ps3/Xbox/or Apple Tv To download Double Twist then click here to download Double Twist. To download all the apps just click the links and you must make an account it is free and it only takes a couple seconds. To see all these apps and how they run before you download then, then watch my video review on them at the bottom of this post.