Friday, February 24, 2012

Root Android 2.3.5 Dummies Guide

Alright guys so I will be telling you how to root android 2.3.5. This method will not work for android 2.3.3, but if you have android 2.3.3 then go here to root Android 2.3.3 Hboot 2.16 if you have Hboot 2.18 then this method will work for you. If you have anything newer than that version then it will not work for this method either. The recommended root for this version is the Htc dev version which is a version that Htc has given us it is very simple, but the downfall to this is that if you root with this method then it will put a watermark on your Hboot which will void your warranty and will not go away. Now if you don't care about your warranty then go ahead and use that method, but if you do care about your warranty that is no problem either because there is another root method that actually downgrades your Hboot to version 2.10 which is the one that came with Froyo. Keep in mind that that yes that root is going to be harder and it will take you more time to do, but it does not put a watermark on your phone so if you unroot your phone no one will ever be able to tell that you have rooted. I would use the Hboot downgrading method because it doenst leave the watermark and there is a are very easy step by step instructions for it. To get the links to the Htc Dev root and the non watermark root click here to learn how to root your Evo really easily dummies guide. Make sure to root your evo before its to late and get your IceCream Sandwich and other roms for your Evo so you wont get tired of the rom you have now.

#4 Best Games That I Have On My Phone

Hello guys this is the number four best games of the week review. Lets get this thing started with A Zombie Survival which is a really fun zombie game. What you have to do is avoid getting killed by the zombies you have to pick up guns and machete zombies. To download A Zombie Survival click here to download A Zombie Survival. Next game is Deal or No Deal yet that game that you watch on the TV. This game is really easy simple to play it has the same exact rules as the real deal or no deal does, but instead of watching someone play you are actually the one playing. To download Deal or No Deal click here to download Deal or No Deal. Next Game is Light Racer 3D this game is unlike any other game on the market what you have to do is get the other person to crash into your line of light that you leave behind you. To download Light Racer 3D click here to download Light Racer 3D. Next game is Trail X2 this game is a dirt bike game and you have to just go through obstacles and get to the end. There are a lot of levels on this game and they are very hard levels. To download Trail X2 click here to download Trail X2. The last game is Top Truck is a monster truck game that you have to go through different obstacles. To download Top Truck click here  to download Top Truck. Make sure to check out all of these games they are great.

#4 Best Apps That I Have On My Phone

Hello Guys this is my number best games of the week post. So lets get this thing started with the first app Ghostly Sms this app is an app that will help you get all your text if you are noticing that you are not receiving all your text messages then this app is perfect for you and I can tell you that this app actually does work. To download Ghostly Sms click here to download Ghostly Sms. Next app is Crackle this app lets you watch full length great quality movies. The movies are not that new but they are still pretty recent movies and they are free, you can also watch full TV shows. To download Crackle click here to download Crackle. Next app is Ultimate Favs Pro now this app is a carousel app holder that spins. This app comes in handy when you are doing reviews or even showing of to friends because you can put your favorite apps and contacts on the carousel and spin it. To download Ultimate Favs Pro click here to download Ultimate Favs Pro. Next app is Prox Pro what this app does is use your proximity sensors to do different actions that you set. So for example if you set when your phone is flat and you swipe your hand over your proximity sensor the notification bar will come down stuff like that you can customize everything in the settings. You can set a bunch of different stuff to do when you hand goes over the sensor. To download Prox Pro click here to go to Prox Pro. The next app is  Zedge this is one of my favorite apps because this app gives you  free ringtones, wallpapers, and notification sounds. They have a bunch of all different wallpapers all free to download. To download Zedge click here to download Zedge. Guys make sure to download these awesome apps.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Best Ice Cream Sandwich ROM With Working Camcorder

Hello guys this is a real IceCream sandwich rom for the Htc Evo 4g. This is my favorite IceCream Sandwich rom I have used so far on my Evo. This rom is already on version 8 so there are a lot of bugs that were fixed. This rom is really speedy and it has all of the IceCream Sandwich features in it. In my opinion this is the best IceCream Sandwich rom out there now because it is really stable and it runs very nice on the evo. The only major issue with this rom is that it does not have 4g working yet but when an IceCream Sandwich  Rom comes to Sprint then we should get 4g and everything else working 100%. This rom is also really stable and it runs apps and games very very good. The difference between this version and the last is that this version has different notification bar and this one has a little bit more tweaks in the evervlov tweaks app. The rom is just really stable and it just works. There are a lot of great things that this rom brings to the table it is really worth checking out. You can tell all of your friends that your original htc evo 4g has IceCream Sandwich on it. To see this rom in action look below this post I have taken the liberty of making a youtube video review of this rom with my new camera check it out. To download this rom click here  To download Gapps click here to download Gapps. This is an awesome rom make sure to check it out.

#3 Best Games That I Have On My Phone

Hello guys so I will be doing a review on some really cool games. So lets get started, First game is Dragon Fly so this game is a copy of Tiny Wings for android, so if you have ever played tiny wings then you will know exactly how to play this games. To download Dragon Fly click here to download Dragon Fly. The next game is Hyper Jump this game is really similar to Mega jump. All you have to do in this game is collect coins and the more coins you collect the higher you will fly up if you drop down and don't collect any coins then you die. To download Hyper Jump click here to download Hyper Jump. Next game is Moto X Mayhem this game is really fun what you got to do is ride this Dirt Bike and you have all this terrain that is trying to make you fall and all you have to do is get to the end of the course the game gets really hard as the levels progress. To download Moto X Mayhem click here to download Moto X Mayhem. Next game is AfterMath this game is a Zombie killing game all you have to do is run around and do different objectives and go to different places in the game without getting eaten by the zombies. To download AfterMath click here to download AfterMath. The last game of this week is Jet Car Stunts this a really fun racing game. You are this Jet car and you have to go through different courses and obstacles and the game is really hard, but fun at the same time and the graphics are amazing. To download Jet Car Stunts click here to download Jet Car Stunts. To see all of these games in action make sure to look below this post I have made a youtube video review on it and I just got a new camera that has better quality so make sure to check that out also.

#3 Best Apps That I Have On My Phone

Hello guys I am going to be writting and giving you links to the best apps of this week that I have on my phone. So lets get started, First app is App2Sd this is a great app that lets you move your apps from your internal storage to your sd card. It saves a bunch of internal memory so you can get a lot more apps and games on your phone. To download App2Sd click here to download App2Sd. The next app is Tiny Flashlight it is a simple app that lets you use your back led light or your actual screen as a flash light. The app is really simple to use and very very handy in those dark places. To download Tiny Flashlight click here here to download Tiny Flashlight. Next app is Fancy widget Pro this app is really similar to beautiful widget but this app does not have as many clocks. The reason I use this widget is because the clocks that it does have are very similar looking to the htc sense clocks, but it has a nice black theme to it and there are many different sizes to choose from. To download Fancy Widget Pro click here to download Fancy Widget Pro. Next app is Swipe pad this is one of my favorite apps on the market because it is so useful what it is, is an app that lets you swipe on the side of your screen and it pops up this sort of menu thing with 12 slots that you can add apps in so for example I could put my messages there and every time I swipe at the location I picked I can easily go into messages. You can swipe there even if you are in an app. It lets you put 12 different things there so you can easily jump to 12 different things. To download swipe pad click here to download Swipe Pad. Next app and one of my favorites is Ice Stream what this app is, is an that lets you stream and download movies straight from you phone it is very simple and works great. They have a huge collection of movies and TV shows and they have most of the new ones also. To download Ice Stream click here to download Ice Stream. Also dont forget to watch my youtube video review on these apps it will be below this post so make sure to check it out I  just got my new camera so it is a good one.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0.3 ROM For Htc Evo 4g

Hello Guys this is a real IceCream Sandwich rom for the htc evo 4g. This rom is a little bit different than any other IceCream Sandwich rom I used because it has a different launcher in it. Other than a couple differences the rom is very similar to any other IceCream Sandwich rom out there now. This rom is in beta number 3 so it is going to get updated more so most of the bugs will be fixed out. From how long I was using this rom it seemed pretty stable to me. Most IceCream Sandwich roms are very stable and this one is no exception. This rom has a lot of space available in it even though it already has a lot of apps pre installed in it. I get around 350Mb free on a clean install which is great for an IceCream Sandwich rom. This rom does not have 4g working no IceCream Sandwich rom has that working yet. A good thing about this rom is that it does have camera working and camcorder is semi working the camcorder isn't good enough to use yet but I hope that in the next couple releases it will be working. This rom also does not have face unlock either because the front camera is also not working on any other IceCream Sandwich rom as of right now. To see this IceCream Sandwich rom in action look below this post you and you will see a video review that I did on this rom. To download this rom click here to download this IceCream Sandwich rom. This rom is worth a download and a flash.

#2 Best Games That I Have On My Phone

Hello guys this post is going to be on the best games of the week. So lets get started the first game is Monopoly yes that game that you use to play as a little kid. This game is just super fun you can play with your friends online or just passing your phone around to each other. To download Monopoly click here to download Monopoly. The next app is Nfl Kicker this app is a really fun game you kick a football through a goal post, but that is not it there are different modes in this game like coffin corner and time attack. To download NFL Kicker click here to download NFL kicker. Next game is line runner this a simple game, but it is very hard I couldn't get that far in it but all you have top do is roll and jump to avoid the blocks if you hit the blocks you die. To download line runner click here to download line runner. Next on the list we have cow and pig go home this game is like a drawing and strategy game. You have to get the tracker to the other side and there will be obstacles in the way and you have to draw shapes to get around them the game is really challenging. To download cow and pig go home click here to download cow and pig go home. Last but not least we have one of my favorite games on the market NFL Flick QB this is a fairly new game and it is very fun. There are many modes but basically you are a quarterback and you have to juke defenders and complete passes and get touchdowns. To download NFL Flick QB click here to download NFL Flick QB. To see all of these games in action look at the bottom of this post I have taken the liberty of making a youtube video review.

#2 Best Apps That I Have On My Phone

Hello guys this post is going to be about the best apps of this week. So lets get this started the first app is WP clock this is just a live wallpaper that tell you the time, your battery percent, the date and some other stuff in huge numbers and letters it looks very very nice. To download this WP 7 click here click here to download wp clock. The next app is Beautiful widget this is such a great app what it is, is an app that is just a bunch of highly customizable widgets that has many different clocks that are kind of trying to copy htc sense and they did a pretty good job. This app is really great because you can download a lot of different themes for your clock from the app. To download Beautiful Widget click here to download beautiful widget. The next app is PicSay Pro this app is a picture editing app and it is one of the best on the market. You can do a bunch of stuff in this app like draw on the picture or sharpen them. To download this app click here to download PicSay Pro. Next app is Dolphin Browser Hd this is one of my favorite browsers because it is fast, has gestures, and has so many add ons. To download Dolphin Browser Hd click here to download Dolphin Browser Hd. The last app of this week is Battery Indicator Pro this is also one of those apps that I always have on my phone this app is really simple all it does is put a battery percent in the top left corner of your status bar. To download Battery Indicator Pro click here to download Battery Indicator Pro. To see all these apps in action and see how they look, look at the bottom of this post I have taken the liberty of making a youtube video review of these apps.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Tweak That Can Speed Up Your Phone Very Easy

Hello guys so this is a real simple tweak that is said to be speed up your android phone and give you better battery life. Like I said this tweak is very simple to follow these are going to be my written instructions. If you want to see all the steps in action look below the post I made a youtube video about it. First step is to get a file manager here is a link to root explorer click here to download root explorer. If you have ever used supercharge or any other speed tweaks you must delete those or turn them off. Then boot into recovery and mount /system, then mount /data. Then find put this file on sd card click here to download the tweaks. Then after that is on your sd card flash it. After that go back and unmount /system. Then all you have to so is reboot into your phone but you are suppose to let it sit in the lockscreen for about 2 minutes and then get into your actual phone and let it sit there for about 2 minutes. Then he says that after about an hour you will notice that your phone is running so much smooother. I have this on my phone for over an hour and I do notice a little bit of a difference I think the rom is actually running faster which is really awesome a simple tweak actually works and it is very simple to do as long as you follow some simple steps.

#1 Games That I Have On My Phone

Hello guys this is my first episode from my new series which is the best games that I have on my phone this week  I am going to try to do a new app and game review video every week. The first app is Sprinkle it is one of the most fun games on the market. What you have to do is shoot water at fire and try to put it out, but some time there are obstacles in the way and you don't have unlimited amounts of water. To download the full sprinkle game click here to download Sprinkle. Next app is Backbreaker 2 Vengeance this is a football game where you have to try to juke, jump, spin, and truck past defenders to get in the end zone. Also there is a vengeance mode where you become the tackler. To download this game go here click here to download Backbreaker Vengence for free. Next game is  Tip-off this is a very cool basketball shooting game where you just shot baskets and have to get combos, collect points and buy stuff in the store and even play online. To download Tip-Off click here to download Tip-off. The Next game is Extreme Road Trip this is a simple game all you have to do is flip a car that has limited gas and the better landing you get the more nitro you get to keep going. Click here to download extreme road trip. The last game is Super Stickman Golf now this game is really fun because it takes precision. What you have to do is position your shot up and hit it with the right amount of power. There are so many different levels and it is a really fun game to download super stickman golf click here. To see all of these games in action then look below this post I have made a youtube video review on these apps.

#1 Apps I Have On My Phone

Hello guys this is the first episode of my new series this is my favorite apps of the week. I only reviewed a couple of apps this week the number of apps will grow with time and I will get better at my reviews. The first app I did a review on was Titanium backup which is an app for root users only, what the app does is it allows you to back up other apps on your phone so if you were going to flash a new rom you would lose all of your apps, but if you did a backup with titanium backup then all you need to do is download titanium backup again and restore the app really simple. To download titanium backup go here click here to download titanium backup. Next app is Juice Defender Ultimate this is one of my most favorite apps what this app does turn off your internet when your screen is off. It is a huge battery saver to download juice defender ultimate go here click here to download juice defender ultimate. Next app is Scorecenter it is a great app for those big sports fan. It just gives you all the sports scores for all the games and it comes with a great widget. To download scorecenter click here to download this app. Next app is Iris it is like a siri copy but it is very great app. This app is powered by cha-cha and the answers are very accurate. To download this app click here to download iris. To see a video review of all these apps and to see them in action then look below this post I have taken the liberty of making a youtube video review of these apps.