Friday, March 30, 2012

Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0.4 Rom For The Evo

Hello guys this is a IceCream Sandwich Rom. This IceCream Sandwich Rom has almost everything working. The only thing that doesn't work is there is no 4g in this rom. Also in this rom the video camera is not great you can use it I just wouldn't recommend it. This rom is still in its first version of the Android 4.0.4 roms out there. This rom is not that stable and for the time that I was using it, it kept crashing and giving me problems. On the other hand there is an Android 4.0.3 rom for the evo that is super stable and works perfectly. That rom also does not have 4g working, but it is a lot more stable then this rom. This rom is not very stable and it will probably crash on you many times like it did to me. I would not recommend this rom just yet because it is not very stable. If you really need a Android 4.0.4 rom then go with this one because there are no other Android 4.0.4 roms, but if you dont care if it is Android 4.0.3 or 4.0.4 then I would go with Android 4.0.3 rom. There isn't a big different between Android 4.0.3 and Android 4.0.4. To download The Android 4.0.4 rom click here  If you want to download the Android 4.0.3 rom then click here  Whatever rom you pick you must flash this  to get the google apps. To see this rom in action then look below this post and see a video review that I made about this rom.

How to Get Any Phone Compatible With Any Game

Hello guys I will be telling you on how to get any phone compatible with any game. These steps are very simple. First you have to download the build.prop editor to download this app click here to download build.prop editor.  The next step is to find a phone that is compatible with the Game you are trying to make you phone compatible with. Next you have to find out that phones official name like the Galaxy SII name is SGH-t989. The next step is to go into the build.prop editor app and change the ro.product.model to whatever device you have just found that is compatible with the game make sure to save it before backing out. The next step is you find the ro.product.brand and change whatever is in the space to whatever phone company made the phone that you are using that is compatible with your game EX. Samsung, Htc. Make sure to save that also. Then all you have to do is reboot your device 1 time and then go into the desired game and it should work. This is a really simple thing that you can do, but it makes such a huge difference. You can now play that game that you always wanted to, but you phone wouldn't all you to. If you want to see all these steps in action then look below this post I have taken the liberty of making a video review on these steps.

#7 Best Games of 2012

Hello guys this is my Best Games of this week so lets get this thing started. The first Game is Fruit Ninja this app is really commonly know Game almost everyone has heard of this game. For those who haven't this game is really simple all you have to do is slice the fruit that comes up on the screen. There are some different modes that you can play it is a really fun and addicting game. To download Fruit Ninja click here to download Fruit Ninja. The next Game is Samurai Vs. Zombie this game is pretty fun. Basically all you have to do in this game is go through different wanes of Zombies and you have to kill them all to pass the wave. To download Samurai Vs. Zombies click here to download Samurai Vs. Zombies. The next Game is Heavy Gunner 3D this game is really addicting. It is pretty easy to play all you have yo do is shot all of space ships in the sky. You have to go in a 360 view it looks very cool. To download Heavy Gunner 3D click here to download Heavy Gunner 3D. The best Game is Temple run this is a highly anticipated game. This game is really fun all you have to do is run away from a temple that you have stolen something from but there are many obstacles and turns in the way. To download Temple Run click here To download Temple Run. The last Game is Plumber Crack this game is kind of weird. What you have to do is shoot ice into a plumber crack. To download this game click here to download Plumber Crack. To see all of these Games in action watch the Youtube video that I made. The video will be below this post.

#7 Best Apps of 2012

Hello guys this is my best apps of this week so lets get this started. The first App is Speed Test this app is really simple to use all you have to do is click begin to start the test. All this app does is test the speed of what internet connection you are connected to. It is a useful app if you want to know how fast your network is going. To download Speed Test click here to download SpeedTest. The next app is ICS browser plus, this is a really speedy and nice browser. This browser is really nice because you can open a bunch of tabs without any lag. To download ICS browser plus then click here to download ICS Browser Plus. The next app is FireFox this is another awesome browser for Android. The good thing about this browser is that you can sync all of you tabs that you have open on your computer in FireFox to your phone. To download FireFox click here to download FireFox. The next App is delayed lock, what this app does is delay you lock screen password or pin from showing up for a certain amount of time. This app is really good when you don't want to keep putting your password in. To download Delay Lock click here to download Delay Lock. The last App is MIUI Locker this is one of my favorite apps. This app allows you to pick from thousands of different lockscreens it is an amazing and easy app to use. There are some amazing lockscreens in this app make sure to check this app out. To download MIUI locker click here to download MIUI Locker. To see all of these Apps in action then look below this post to watch a youtube video that I have made.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to Get Hulu working on Ice Cream Sandwich Any Phone

Hello guys so this is a post about how to get hulu working on any Ice Cream Sandwich rom. Obviously you have to be rooted and there are some things that you have to download from the Market. The things you have to download is ES file manager, Script manager, flash player 11 from the market, and ics browser because it runs the best with Hulu. The steps are pretty simple, but I would highly recommend that you watch my video that I have put as the bottom of this post. The video will explain everything show you have to do everything and proof that it works also. I will give you some written steps here so first download the ics hacked flash file right here to download the ics flash hack. Next you will extract that to the root of you sd card. You must be rooted and set ES file manager to RO. Then you will copy both of those files on your sd card that you got from the extracted ics file. You will copy those to system/data/flash you will do this in ES file manager. If you don't have the flash file then you can make one. After you have copied those 2 files there then you go to Script manager and set as root. Give that superuser permissions. Then you will click on the you click on the S98 fix flash and on the top it will give you a picture of the superuser icon and a thing that says boot, make sure to click on both of those and click run. Thats all you have to do, go into ics browser and make sure the agent is set to desktop. Go to hulu and it should work. If  you couldn't figure it watch the video it will explain everything.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hp TouchPad Review With Cm9 and WebOs

This is going to my full written Hp TouchPad Review. So lets begin first I will talk about battery life. The battery Life on the touchpad is really good I can at least get 2 days out of the battery life with heavy use. The battery life is really good that is a really strong part of the TouchPad. The WebOs on the Hp TouchPad runs really nice, but it does not get developed on anymore so that is a big downfall. The good thing about the touchpad is that you can root it and you can put Cm9 on it which is just amazing because you have a tablet that runs super smooth and has the Android market. Also when you root the TouchPad you can get this called moboot which allows you to basically duelboot your system so every time you reboot your system you can either go into WebOs or you can go into Cm9. The Cm9 works really nice on the TouchPad the only 2 things that don't work in the Cm9 as of right now is Camera and microphone everything else works amazing. The Cm9 is fast, stable, and amazing. The Cm9 is the actual Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream sandwich and it is an amazing addition to the TouchPad. I show Cm9 in the youtube video so make sure to check that video on it will be at the bottom of this post. In my opinion I would say that the TouchPad is worth it if you can find one online then I would say buy it. The Touchpad is a really great device and I think it was a very good buy.

#6 Best Games That I Have On My Phone

I am doing my number 6 best Games of the week so lets get this thing started. The first Game is Eagle Nest 2 and what you have to do in this game is basically shoot things. There are different rounds and there are different things that you have to shoot. You can go into the gun shop and buy different guns. To download Eagle Nest 2 then click here to download Eagle Nest 2. The next game is Scrubs yes it is a game based off of the popular Tv show. What you have to do in this game is go through the life of a new intern meeting all of the people in the show and doing task for them. To download Scrubs click here to download Scrubs. The next Game is Flick Kick Football and to those of us in America this is a soccer game. You have to kick the soccer ball into the goal get it past defender it is very fun and addicting. To download Flick Kick Football click here to download Flick Kick Football. The next game is RaceNchase this game a racing game. There are different modes that you can play it is a very fun game. To download RaceNchase click here to downlod RaceNchase, The next game is Gta 3 this is a really fun game. This game is Gta 3 Liberty City it is really awesome. To download Gta 3 then click here to download Gta 3. To see all of these games in a action len look below this post I made a youtube video review on these Games.

#6 Best Apps That I Have On My Phone

Hello guys so I will be reviewing my number 6 best apps on the Google Play Store. Lets get this thing started first app is Adaway what this app does is it allows you to get rid of all the ads on your android system. It gets rid of ads in apps and games. To download Adaway click here to download Adaway. The next app is System Tuner Pro what this app does it allows you to completely monitor your Android system. The app also lets you overclock your device as long as your kernel and rom allows you to. To download System Tuner Pro click here to download System Tuner Pro. The Next App is ScreenShot Er this app is really simple. The app allows you to take a screenshot except you have to be rooted in order to use this app. To download ScreenShot Er then click here to download ScreenShot Er. Next app is Hd Widgets and this app is exactly what you think it is, it is Hd widget. The app has a lot of widgets to pick from with a lot of customization. To download Hd widgets click here to download Hd Widget. The last app is Power amp and this app is an alternate music player. This app allows you to really get into your music. To download Power amp click here to download Power Amp Pro. To see all these apps in action look below this post and watch my youtube video review on them.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0.3 ROM Beta Version 5.6

Hello guys so today I am going to review the IceCream Sandwich rom. This is a really nice IceCream Sandwich rom because it is stable. Another great thing about this IceCream Sandwich rom is that it has Panorama working. This rom also has a nice Apex launcher on it which is pretty nice, but there is some things in the launcher that I don't like but that is okay because all I have to do is go into the setting and turn off what I don't want on. This rom also has a really nice ics notification bar. This a real IceCream Sandwich Android 4.0.3 rom with the tiamat kernel on it. This rom also has a bunch of space in it so you don't have to worry about running out of space when you are getting all your favorite apps. This rom also has a really nice IceCream Sandwich feel to it. I notice little to non lag while using this IceCream Sandwich. The rom also has a cool looking boot animation. Overall this rom is really stable and it is worth checking out. The things that dont work with this rom is 4g and the front facing camera so those are two big things but hopefully they get fixed soon. To see this IceCream Sandwich rom in action then look below this post there will be a youtube video review that I made there. To download this IceCream Sandwich then click here to download this ICS rom. Make sure to check this rom out it is really nice so make sure to check it out it is a great ics rom for the evo.

#5 Best Games That I Have On My Phone

Hello guys so I am doing my best Games of this week review. Lets get this thing started with the first game Pool Master Pro this is an actual pool game it has pretty nice graphics on it. You can play with the CPU or just by yourself . To download Pool Mater Pro then click here to download Pool Mater Pro. The next game is The Wars this is the same exact game as the computer game age of war but it is on your android phone. This game is so awesome all you have to do buy people and to make them fight the other side and you have to destroy the other sides house. To download The War click here to download The Wars. Next game is Plants Vs. Zombies this is the same exact app as the one on the iPhone, all you have to do in this Game is keep the zombies out of your house you have to put flowers and shooting plants to stop the zombies from getting in. To download Plants VS. Zombies click here to download Plants VS. Zombies. The next game is baseball superstars this is a really fun app you just play baseball. You can pick between a pitcher and a hitter. To download Baseball Superstars click here to download Baseball Superstars. The last Game is Fieldrunner Hd this app is really fun app you have to stop these monsters from getting from one side to other. All you have to do is put different guns in there way to kill them and try to stop them from getting to the other side. To download Baseball Superstars click here to download FieldRunners HD. Make sure to get all of these they are all Free if you download them from my links.

#5 Best Apps That I Have On My Phone

Hello guys I am going to be doing the #5 best apps of this week. So lets get this thing started with the first App which is Circle Launcher this is an organization app it is really really simple to use all you have to do add application to this widget and then it will organize in a very cool circle way. To download Circle Launcher click here to download Circle Launcher. Next app is Google Goggles which is a really useful app it actually allows you take a picture of anything and search google with that picture. The app also can scan bar codes and take pictures of business cards. To download Google Goggles click here to download Google Goggles. Next app is Lookout this is a virus scan app. This app can find your phone also and it can back it up this app is really awesome if you download non market apps because some of them might be a virus. To download Lookout click here to download Lookout. Next app is Skyfire License for the video this is the license for the video feature in skyfire browser. So all you need to do is download the browser and get the license and you will have the video feature and a nice browser. To download Skyfire Video License click here to download Skyfire Video License. Last app is Folder Organizer which is a really nice organizing app. It is really simple to use and it saves a bunch of space on your screen. To download Folder Organizer click here to download Folder Organizer. Make sure to download all of these apps they are free and awesome.