Friday, August 31, 2012

JellyBean For Htc Evo 4g

Hello guys this is a real Android 4.1.1 rom for the htc evo 4g. This is a really awesome rom it is the real Android 4.1.1 rom. This rom has Google Now in it and the Google Now works fully including audio and voice search so it is like actually owing a JellyBean device. The rom is really stable for an Android 4.1.1 rom. The rom is an unofficial codename Android rom the rom is made by Team Dirt so you know that it is a stable rom. This rom is still in the early stages so it is no where near complete, but the rom is coming together very nicely. This rom does have camera working but no camcorder or front facing camera. There also in no 4g in this rom so you will not be able to use 4g when you have this rom. Another good thing about this rom is that it is highly customizable so you can make it your own rom. To download this rom click here to download this JellyBean rom. Make sure to check this rom out guys because you can impress all your friends by telling them you got the latest Android on your 2 year old phone they will be so jealous. To see this rom in action then look below this post I have taken the liberty of making a video review of this rom. This rom is really a very cool rom just to mess around with because the Google Now works perfect and it is awesome.

Ice Cream Sandwich Rom with JellyBean Features

Hello guys this is a android 4.0.4 rom with Jelly bean features. One of the big JellyBean features in this rom is that it has Google Now which is a really awesome feature. The only bad thing about this is that the Google Now does not have audio so you wont be able to hear the results it also does not pick up voice searches so you can not do that either. This rom is pretty stable, but it is still a little weird to me. The weird thing about this rom that it opens everything up really fast, but whenever I open an app up it lags. The rom has some other JellyBean features like the bottom dock scrolls. The rom also comes with a lot of space so you do not have to worry about memory you can download all the apps that you want. One of the coolest features of this rom is that it has an Awesome Beats by dre audio app. This app is an beats by dre equalizer and it works perfectly it makes the audio sound crystal clear it is an awesome app. The camera on this rom does work but the camcorder does not work. To see this rom in action look below this  post and you will see a youtube video review that I made of this rom. To download this rom then click here to download this IceCream Sandwich rom. Make sure to check this rom out it is worth a try.