Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Sense 3.0 with Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread B.O.S Port

Hey guys this is the B.O.S Port Aka The Sacs Port. This rom is very nice and is really smooth. It has all the features of sense 3.0. this rom is made by the B.O.S team. This rom has 4g working. You need to be rooted if you do not know how to root your Evo go here How to Fully Root Htc Evo 4g. The bases of this rom are from the Virus Kingdom Port. The Rom has been tweaked to be a lot more stable than the Virus Kingdom Port. If you want to see the Rom in action I will be putting two youtube videos below. In the videos I am running release three. It is the latest version as of 5/26/11. This rom is the most stable sense 3.0 Rom as of now. This Rom makes the Htc Evo 4g great it makes it look really 3D just like the Evo 3D. Htc said that they are not giving all the phones that do not have a dual core possessor the new Htc sense 3.0 so it is awesome that the great Devs have gotten a Port of this rom and are trying to make it run really smooth on our Evo's. This Rom will get updating B.O.S has already announced that he is working on his release 4. Virus has also said that he is making his new version and it will be coming out soon also. When Virus new version comes out it will be good. This rom has the new sense 3.0 camera which is really user friendly I show it in the youtube videos below. All in all this rom is really good sense 3.0 Rom probably one of the best sense 3.0 Roms out today for the Htc Evo 4g. This Rom is only going to get better and it will be so good that you would think it was stock and Htc actually gave it to use. The link to the Rom is B.O.S Kingdom Port Rom Link click here to download . Hopefully this rom review has helped you Pimp out your Htc Evo 4g.

Friday, May 27, 2011

How to Flash A Custom Rom on Htc Evo 4g

Hey guys I am going to be writing out step by step on what to do if you want to flash a custom rom. You need to be rooted if you need to know how to root your Evo 4g go here How to Root Htc Evo 4g  If you are more of a visual person then I will have a youtube video below where I go over all the steps and you can actually see what it should look like. 1.) Place the Rom that you want to flash on your Sd card. Do not put in any folders on your Sd card keep it in the zipped folder that it came with when you download it in. 2.) Place Virus's super wipe on your Sd card just like you did with the Rom make sure to not put in any folders just keep it in the folders that it is when you download it. You can find the Virus Super Wipe here Virus Super-Wipe click here to download . 3.)  Get an app called "Quick Boot". Go into the app and allow it SuperUser permissions. Click on the thing that says Recovery. 4.) After you boot into recovery go down to flash zip from Sd card. Your touchscreen will not work in Recovery so you have to use the volume rockers to move up and down and use the power button to select something. After you have gone down to flash zip form Sd card then install zip from Sd card. After that go down to where you put the Virus_SuperWipe file and select it with the power button. It will delete a bunch of files and it will completely wipe out your phone. Make sure to do a nandroid backup before you flash this SuperWipe. 5.) After this is done go back to flash zip form Sd card and go down to the rom that you put on your Sd card before and select it. After it is done you select reboot and then your phone will reboot into the new Rom. Thats it, it is that easy.  Your phone will take A long time on the first boot to get into your phone because you just wiped all the data and it is a new rom so it will take a while don't be alarmed if it takes long. 6.) Enjoy your custom Rom. Hopefully These steps helped you. Enjoy

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread with New Sense UI 3.0 Htc Evo 4g

Hey guys this rom is really good. It is still in the Beta versions so it will not be 100% complete. I have experienced a lot of force closes with this rom. They can get very annoying so if you are going to flash this rom I would hold back for the next version Virus will probably update it. If Virus roms run good on your phone then this rom will be good for your phone. If you want a sense 3.0 rom with 4g this is your rom but I am going to go back to my old b4 gingersense rom till there is another update for this rom because my phone on this rom is really unstable. Almost everything I do if I get out of it,it will crash and my phone will also crash. I have 2 youtube videos on this rom they will be at the bottom of this post so if you want to see the rom in action then watch the videos. The rom looks really nice and has a real 3D look to it. This rom is called Kingdom rom and it has really great animations. This rom has the new sense 3.0 which is a lot better than the old sense 1.0 and 2.0. This rom is only going to get better. I will keep this post up to date and make sure to tell you guys when there is an update. Rom download link click right here. This rom is going to updated at least one more time and that will take out most of the bugs. All in all this rom is okay right now it is still unstable but when the next update comes out I know that it will be a lot more stable on our Evo's. Just to know that they already have a sense 3.0 with 4g rom and the devs are working on improving it is a really good thing. The Evo will have the a complete sense 3.0 rom probably before the Evo 3D comes out. Htc said that they are not giving single core phones this new sense so it is awesome that the devs got a hold of it and are trying to make it run just like it would if Htc gave us this updated rom. I you don't mind the occasional crash and you love the sense 3.0 look and all about the rom then try it out there is no harm in that. It is great that all of these roms are Free and virus and other developers dont't charge for all there hard work.                                                                          

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Sense 3.0 features with Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Htc Evo 4g

Hey guys this rom is called Gingersense version b4. This is the latest version as of 5/10/11. This rom is made by Virus and the Rc team. This rom has the new sense 2.0 with some sense 3.0 features. The lockscreen is the from the new sense 3.0 that will be coming to select phones. Htc says that they will only give the sense 3.0 update to dual core phones but Virus already has another rom called the kingdom rom that is full sense 3.0 and also 4g is working with that rom so that is awesome. When that rom get little bit more stable I will be flashing it and doing a review on that so stay tuned for that review. Virus is one of the best rom makers I have ever seen. His roms are amazing they have great battery life and they run great. The things that are not working in the new Gingersense rom is no 4g thats it. The front camera works the back camera works video works everything works 720p works. This rom is great if you are willing to give up 4g. This rom has the leaked kernel form the gingerbread rom. I have 2 youtube video on reviews of this rom look below I will have them both at the bottom of the post. This rom is very fast and it is worth it to flash if you do not mind giving up 4g. You need to be rooted to flash this rom or any other rom if you want to know how to root I have a youtube video right here Youtube Video How to Root Evo 4g  Also i have another post on blogger Here about rooting it has step by step so you can go there and check it out so you can flash this awesome rom. The link to download rom is here Link to download rom right here click here  .Thanks for reading this post hope to see you again and hopefully it helped you.

Htc Evo 4g android 2.3.3 and sense 2.0

Hey guys this rom is called the gingersense rom it is made by virus he is a great rom maker. I have a youtube video up about this rom they will be at the bottom of the post. The only thing is these videos are not of the updated rom i will be making a youtube video about the updated rom very soon i will post that when I make it. This rom is very fast it is a sense rom you need to be rooted to flash a rom if you want to know how to root i have a video here is the link How to root Htc Evo 4g if you are interested. This rom is built of the leaked gingerbread for the Evo. The only thing that this rom does not have is 4g so for some of you that is a big loss. This rom has the new sense 3.0 lock screen and also has the new sense 3.0 weather. The rom also has a couple of the new sense widgets. This rom is 100% sense I personally love sense so this rom is perfect for me and if you love them you will love this rom also. This rom has the new gingerbread leak kernel so it is very fast also has the 8mp camera working. For those that dont know the differences between sense 2.0 and sense 1.0 is that sense 2.0 has different skins so you can change the whole layout of your phone also it has the most recent apps you have run in the pulldown menu that is very helpful. Also this rom has a quick settings tab in the notification bar that allows you control the brightness and the wifi and a lot of other settings so it is made easier. In sense 2.0 you have access to the Htc hub which is Htc way of letting you control your phone. You make an account and you can sign in from the computer and from the computer you can remote wipe your phone just encase you lost it you can also send a text to your phone that will make it ring no matter the volume that it is on and you can track where your phone. The site on the computer is you can check it out. Sense 2.0 is faster and easier to use than sense 1.0 also this rom comes with some sense 3.0 goodies so that is awesome. If you are interested in the rom there is a download link is. Rom download link The updated rom has a lot of nice animations that look really nice and make your phone look awesome so you can go and brag to all your friends.

How to get Wireless Tether Free No monthly fee Htc Evo 4g

Hey guys have you been somewhere and you need wifi but you only have your phone then this is the app for you and it is free. You have to be rooted to do this. If you want to root Link to my other post on how to root Evo 4g I have a youtube video here Youtube video link to How to Root Evo to teach you how to root. If you get this service form Sprint it will be an extra 30$ A month but with this app you can do it for free this really easy you just go to the android market and search wireless Tether. It should be the first one. You have to be rooted as I mentioned before. You can open it up and allow the Tether superuser permissions. You can set a password and you can also set what the internet tether is called so when you connect it to a computer or a ipod that is what will show up you can call it whatever you want. If you want to see this app in action I have youtube video at the bottom of the post to see the wifi tether app in action. The other good thing is that you can see exactly who is connected and you can reject people but it is just better to put a password. Also this app does not waste that much battery when you are tethering. You can be anywhere as long as you have you Evo and some 3g signal you will have a mobile hotspot with you. This app turns your phone into a mobile hotspot for free. When you are tethering you do not need to stay in the app you can surf the web take pictures play games your phone is fully fictional when you are running this app.

Inspire 4g port Virus,Myns Warms Z ,Echo ports with New Sense UI 2.0 on Htc Evo 4g

Hey these 3 ports are some of the best if you want a froyo sense 2.0 rom. My favorite would have to be the inspire 4g port because it is fast easy to use and has the best battery life I have ever seen in any rom. The inspire 4g port is made by virus he is a great rom maker and he knows how to make a awesome rom. The inspire 4g port is all stock sense like with all the new goodies of the fully optimized sense 2.0. This is a great rom that can be used as a daily rom only thing it does not have is 4g. I also made a youtube video you can watch that i go more in depth about the rom the video is at the bottom of the post. The Warm Z most of you have probably heard about it is very fast and the annimations on this rom are something. This rom has the best animations i have ever seen on any rom. Myn is also a very great rom maker he has warm two point two but that is not a sense 2.0 rom. Myn's sense 2.0 rom gives decent battery life. The rom is sense but it has a whole custom black theme over it if you dont like that you can change it in the skins menu. Overall this rom can be used as a daily rom just like the inspire 4g port only thing it lacks is 4g. I have youtube video on this rom it is at the bottom of the post. Finnaly we come to the echo rom this rom is ok for a sense 2.0 rom but I would do with the inspire 4g port or the Myns Warm Z rom they are better than this rom. The echo rom is not being updated any more so the rom is basically done. I have a youtube video of me reviewing this rom so you can check that out it will be at the bottom of this post. This rom also lacks 4g. All in all if you are willing to give up 4g then you should try one of these new sense 2.0 roms. Inspire 4g rom   Myns Warm Z Rom Echo rom 

How to get Quadruple battery life out of your Evo with an app

Hey guys this is really simple you do not need to be rooted. All you have to do is go to the market and download an app called "juice defender" there is a paid one that is called ultimate juice it is 5$ I bought it, it is well worth it. What this app does it will turn off all of your internet signal when you lock your phone so it will save so much battery because over 50% of the time the biggest battery waster is cell standby. Cell standby is your network signal. This app also will give you your notifications because it will turn your internet on every couple of hours and check if you have any notification IE.(Email, Facebook,others). The great thing about this app is that every time you unlock your phone your 3g signal will come back. When your phone is locked and there is no 3g signal you will get text messages and calls just like normal. The ultimate juice gives you more Customization like you can set peak hours when you want to keep your 3g signal on all the time. You can also set nights so it will turn your signal of that time but if you are using your phone it wont turn off on you it will wait till you lock your phone but even if you unlock your phone durning night hours it will turn on so there is no point of that feature. Also with ultimate you can have icons of the app in your notification bar not just text. The free juice defender works just fine so if you are looking to quadruple your battery life then get this app. I have a youtube video of me reviewing this app below.

Best 13 apps in the android market review

Hey guys I know 13 is not a lucky number but i only covered 12 in the video and I added the last one in after so it is ok.
Dolphin browser HD- great browser free from android market 
Wireless Tether (might not look the same as mine but thats ok as long as you are rooted it will work) lets you that the 3g signal that you have and makes it into wifi so other devices can connect
Google Sky Maps- lets you see the stars where ever you point the phone 
Google Googles (this is the one that I did not say in the video. If you take a picture of something it will search the Google for it and tell you what it is also translates languages)
App2sd- allows you to move apps to your sd card 2.2 and up only
Efile manager- get file manger to mange your files  
Mega Jump- fun game where you are a monster and you have to collect coins 
Battery Indicator Pro -puts the battery percent at the top of the screen 
PhoneMyPc- lets you control your Pc form your Evo 
Quick Boot- easily power off boot into recovery and bootloader requires root 
Titanium Backup- lets you backup all your apps and data needs root
Music Wizard- lets you download free music 
Juice Defender- Turns off your internet when your screen goes off and saves alot of battery
Chomp Sms- it is a very iphone like messaging app.  
I made a youtube video about these apps so if you want to see how they look like or how they run look under the post. These are my personal top 13 apps that I use the most and hopefully you like them.

How to get all Andriod apps for free even paid ones on all Android Devices

Hey guys i do not support this is for educational purposes only. You can do this from your phone or from your computer but it is easier to do it with your phone. All you have to go to is Once you are there search whatever app you want with .apk after it Ex. (Fruit ninja.apk). After you search what you want then you find the link that has the latest version next to it. You click on it and you wait the 20 seconds after that you click download then after the download is done you click it to open it and then it will ask you if you want to install it you click install and after it is done, it will be in your app drawer. Thats is if you are doing it with your phone. If you want to do it from your phone download it on you computer. Then drag it to your sd card and get a file manager form the market I use efile manager. Then navigate threw the sd card and find the apk file and click on it and then you click install.

How to Control your Pc with Htc Evo 4g

Hey guys the name of the app is phonemypc all one word. This app is 10 dollars on the market I think it is on Software for computer  is the link to the software to download onto your computer. You can control all aspects of your pc it is your pc in your pocket this app is amazing. This works for all android phones not just the Evo it just looks nice on the Evo's 4.3 in screen. One of the things you can do with this app is watch hulu on your Evo 4g. This is not the best method of watching it because it is laggy. With this app you can finish all the documents that cant open up on your phone or if your on vacation and your by wifi or have 3g you can tell what is happening with your computer if anyone is using it or not. You can also prank people if they are using the computer and you enable phonemypc you can write something and scare with them or mess with them. Think of the endless things you can do with this app. This app works and it works good you can control your PC and laptop from any where in that world if you have wifi or 3g. It is also very easy to set up on your computer all you have to do is make up a username and password you put that same username and password in your phone and boom your in controlling your Pc. Check out my youtube video below to see the app in action.

How to use your EVO as a Desktop PC like the Atrix 4g

Hey guys I made a post earlier on how to control your PC from your Evo. Well this one is on how to use your pc as a sort of dock for your Evo like the Atrix 4g. Im sure you guys of heard how you can dock the Atrix 4g phone into the special laptop and you can control the phone phone well this is the same exact thing as that except  you do not need a special laptop you can use the one you already have. This is great now the Evo is on the level of the atrix 4g and it is even better. Post to Set this up on your Evo Here is the link to set it up on your phone this works with cm7. There are all the steps in the link in the description. Lokifish Marz is the person over at xda devs who made this tweak he is a genus he should be working for Htc. He even made special keys on the keyboard of your computer for shortcut menus to doing stuff on your Evo. You can send text messages from your computer and do every thing that you can do on your phone on your computer make calls surf the web everything. He also made this pretty simple and there are step by step on the site that I put the link to above this. This is putting the Evo on another level. I have youtube video of this in action so here check below.

Htc Evo users should know and this site and all Android users should know this site

Hey guys this is the site where I get most of latest roms and where I get to see the latest things that are being talked about on the Evo and also any other android phone. Htc Evo 4g XDA devs page this link that I just gave is for the direct talks about the Htc Evo 4g. If you want to find your android phones page just go to the top and search your phones name and there you go you are at the dedicated section for your phone. Every single section is updated every day mutiple times you can make an account and post your own stuff if you have a problem and need help go over to the site post a thread and a lot of people will be there to help. Everyone there is very nice and will help you. I am registered it is free and easy it will only take a minute and then you can start posting. You do not need to register to see post you just need to be registered to comment on a post. All the new roms will go there first. Virus a great rom maker puts all his stuff there and on his site. Myn puts all his stuff there also. There are thousands of devs who post there roms and what they have found works best on your phone. How to get the best battery life on your phone and a bunch of other stuff. What are you waiting for go over there register and start posting. I have a yotube video talking about this site so look at the bottom of the post and you will see that.

Review on the Chinese extended battery

Hey guys I had recently bought an extended battery for my Evo 4g. It was a great idea. I bought the really cheap 15$ ones that are all other ebay. They work nice they do give you extended battery but, In my opinion it is not worth it to add that much chunk for how much extra battery life you are getting. I would go with the seidio extended battery they are expensive but if you want to spend the money then you will be better off going with that one. Also the Chinese battery get better the first week you use it and then starts to get worse everyday you use it so it was only good for about a week and then it started declining in how much time I had to play games text call and use my phone. After about a month the battery started being as good as the stock battery so i just took out my extended battery and used the stock one. The bad thing about the stock one is that when you set your phone down then you scratch the camera. I was looking at my camera and it has a lot of scratches on it. So  I decided to buy a case. If you are looking for a battery that is cheap and will last you a couple of months then this is the battery for you. I have did a review of the battery in a youtube video at the bottom of this post so you can see exactly how much chuck this extended battery gives to the phone. Maybe I got a defective battery but you can test it out for yourselfs. In the video I also go into a little bit on how to improve battery life so check that out at the bottom of this post.

How to fully Root Htc Evo 4g and other Htc Phones 3.70 Updated NOOB FRIENDLY VERY EASY!

Hey guys this is how to root your Htc Evo 4g  I have a youtube video on it look below the post. I explain everything in the youtube video so watch that. Rooting for dummies Htc Evo this is the rooting for dummies site read the site very noob friendly and easy to understand if you have any questions just ask me I am here to help. Driver update link this is the site for the drivers that you have to update your phone with if you do not have an Evo dont use those drivers use the ones specified for your phone. Unrevoked  that is the site ware you actually get the rooting tool from just make sure to read how to do it and watch video carfully and you will be a okay. I am not responsible for anything that happens to your phone so dont try to blame me use at your own risk. If something goes wrong put a comment below or private message me I will try to respond quick. After you get root and you have made sure you have S-off watch this video below. This is another one of my videos showing you how to do a nandroid backup backs up everything on your phone so encase you mess it up you will always have this backup like safety neat. I also have alot of other that will help you customize your phone so subscribe and you can see them all. If you have any questions or need help put it in the comments or if you want to recommend a video put that in comments or message me. The link you should go to after to backup 4g VERY IMPORTANT Very important website link backup your 4g you do not want to loose that. 

Htc Evo Battery Tricks, Tips, and Tweaks

Hey guys. Everyone has there own ways of handling the Htc Evo 4g battery life. I just wanted to make this post to tell you guys some of the things that I do to cope with the battery. I have been having pretty good battery life with my Evo some of the things I will tell you may require you to have root I have a youtube video on how to root your phone at the bottom of this post if you are interested. First if you are not using your 3g or 4g or wifi turn it off i have found an app in the market called "Juice Defender" it is free. you have the money look into buying an extended battery. If you are rooted try to change your rom and kernel that will save alot of battery life I have a lot of videos on youtube about roms so pick one you like and try it out just search IHaveAnEvo. Go into settings and then accounts and syncs and make all the accounts update at a time that is it manually and it will update. Hopefully this gets you guys a little bit more juice out of your phones and one more thing you have an Evo for a reason enjoy it.