Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cyanogenmod 7.1 Android 2.3.4 Rom Review

Hey guys this rom is really nice. It is really stripped down android so you will not have a lot of bloatware. This rom is really speedy and it gets updated very often so you should keep back very often to see if it is updated. This Rom has been ported to so many different phones it is the universal rom for Android and every rooted android user knows about Cyanogenmod. Being the universal rom for Android it has so many different mods and themes and so much stuff that you can change so that it is your phone. This rom is a very small file so you will have like 400 mb to download whatever you want. This rom is bare Android, but you can put a bunch of stuff on it and it also had the g-talk app because it is android 2.3.4 so you can video chat. This rom has so much speed so you will never see a lag with it. You can turn the homescreen to the side so that is a cool feature. You can also change the animations scrolling so you can make it look really awesome so all your friends will be jealous. If you want to see this rom in action with all the animations and everything look at the bottom of this post I have a youtube video there. To download this rom go here click here to download right here just download the most recent one they are only getting better. Make sure not to forget to put hulu on this rom if you want to learn how to do that look at the post below this one and watch the video and you will know. In all this is a great very easy to use rom and it is definitely worth a try you may never know you many love it no harm in trying.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Get Hulu App on Any Rom Any Android Device No Root Needed!

Alright guys this is one of best things that I have ever come up with it is trial and error, but I finally got it to work on any rom any android device that has flash player it should also work on unrooted phones. The steps are very simple and the hulu is free and it works amazing. If you want to see the steps in action then look below I have a youtube video at the bottom of this post so you can see that it works and that it is really easy and the best thing you can do. All you have to do is download the hacked adobe flash you can get that right here click here to download the hacked adobe flash player also go here to download hulu app. Put both of those files on your SD card don't put them in any folders make it easy on yourself so you can find it. after that if you have a flash player installed then delete it and if you are unrooted reboot your phone if you are rooted go wipe cache and dalvik cache and then reboot. After that get a file manager and find the adobe flash on your SD card and click on it and install that and after that is done find the hulu.apk and click on it and install it. That is it go into the hulu and enjoy for free that is all you have to do. The hulu is really easy to use has all the same shows and movies that the hulu on the computer has and it is great it does not lag at all very good app and now with this method you can get it anywhere for free and you do not have to be rooted.

MIUI 1.7.15 With Android 2.3.4 On Htc Evo 4g

Hello Guys I actually like this rom. If you guys are coming straight from an iphone or you just like iphone like theme then this rom is what you want. This rom has amazing battery life I could go 3 days without a charge. This rom is only 80 mb so you will have plenty of space to download and get as many apps as you want. Also there is no app drawer, but you can add as many screens as you want to also you can put apps in folders so that is not   a problem. If you want to see this rom in action then look at the bottom of this post I did a video review on this rom. This rom is really smooth and it is very customizable. This rom is a really nice one and it has been ported to various phones so it is not only exclusive to Htc Evo 4g.  The only bad thing is that it does not have 4g and it does not have 720p working so those are two major issues, but if you guys has an iphone before then you didn't  have 4g on that thing either. This rom is really really iphone like all the setting and everything are based off of the iphone. Even when you call people it is exactly the same as when you call someone on the iphone. This rom gets updated very often so that is really good and I know that it will be getting 720p soon. To download this rom go here click here to download rom right here that will take you to the official forum so you can get all the updates.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sense 3.0 With Gingerbread Kinged Kingdom rom With Hulu App

Hello guys this is a very nice rom. This rom is really speedy and has a lot of potential. It is still in the beginning stages. It is only v1.3 and it is still in the testing stages. This rom is deferentially worth it. It has speed and space so those two things are not a problem. This rom is awesome because it has Hulu. There are some steps you have to take to set up the hulu. First you download the hacked adobe flash and the rom that will be right here click here to download hacked adobe flash and the rom. Once you download both of those you put them on the root of your sd card and flash the rom. Then you go to the market and download the latest flash player and then go into the hulu app and click on something and make sure that when you click it and go into a screen where you are about to watch the show there is not a blue cube if there is then force close the hulu app and try restarting device. Do this till the hulu app will say loading no more blue cube and then it will tell you that it is not supports. Now you go to the file manager that is on the rom or get one on your own and find the where ever you put the hacked adobe flash and click on it and replace the existing flash player. That is it them you can go back into the hulu app and enjoy as much Hulu as you want. This rom is defiantly worth trying. If you want to see all the steps to get the hulu to work and the rom itself look at the bottom of this post I will have 2 youtube videos at the bottom. Great rom get it

Thursday, July 7, 2011

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Sense 3.0 With Gingerbread Alliance Hybrid 3D Rom With Hulu App

Hey guys this rom has some of the best animations I have ever seen in any rom. It reminds me of Myn's warm 2.2. This rom has decent battery life so that is not a worry. This rom looks just like a sense 3.0 and the only difference is the scrolling not as 3d as on a real sense 3.0 rom but that is not a big deal. The latest version of this rom is 7.6 and it is really nice. This is one of my favorite sense roms that I have ever used and I know you will like it to. Everything in this rom works 4g, wifi, video, camera everything. So you are not giving up anything while flashing this rom. This is also has a lot of space so you probably wont need to do a partition on your sd card. This rom also has speed on it so if you want fast basically sense 3.0 rom then this alliance rom is the one for you. This rom has the locksreen bug fixed so you will never have to sit and wait for your lockscreen to show up that is fixed. If you want to see this rom in action and all the cool animations then look at the bottom of this post I made 2 youtube videos about it. To download the rom go here click here to download rom right here. This is one of the best Hybrid roms I have ever used I love it and it is my daily rom and it works really well so go download it for yourself. This has so many different themes and other mods you can put on this rom. A big plus with this rom is that it has Hulu and the Hulu works.