Monday, December 19, 2011

Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0.3 ROM For Htc Evo 4g

Hello guys so this is a IceCream Sandwich Android 4.0.3 rom for the Htc Evo 4g. The rom is made by Kushdeck. The rom is really stable and it is in Alpha version 8 so it is no where close to being done. The rom is surprisingly stable for only being an Alpha 8 rom. This is a real IceCream Sandwich ROM it is based off of the real Android 4.0.3. This rom isn't a launcher it is not a theme it is the real IceCream Sandwich which is really cool to get IceCream Sandwich on our Htc Evo 4g. I know that we probably will never get IceCream Sandwich stock on the Evo so the only way to get it is to flash this rom. There is only two main things that are not working on this rom 4g and camera. I know that the Dev that made this rom is going to be updating it very often so I think the camera is going to fixed very soon. The 4g is a little bit harder to fix but I am hoping that they can get that to work because then that would be awesome to have a fully working IceCream Sandwich ROM. Even without the camera and the 4g this rom can be used as a daily rom because it is actually pretty stable for an Alpha rom. To see all the IceCream Sandwich and Android 4.0.3 glory then look at the bottom of this post I have made a youtube video review on this rom. To download this rom go here click here to download the IceCream Sandwich rom. This rom is worth a flash so make sure to go and download it right now and get you IceCream Sandwich on.

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