Friday, July 13, 2012

Legacy Classic Sense 1.0 Rom With Sense 4.0 Features

Hello guys  I will be doing a review of  the Classic Legacy sense 1.0 rom for htc evo 4g. This rom has sense 4.0 features in it which is totally awesome. This rom is super stable and works very nice. This rom has a very cool blacked out themed sense 4.0 clock that goes very nicely with this rom. This rom also has so many extra tweaks and mods and themes that you can apply. That makes the rom highly customizable and makes it run so smooth. This rom also has some amazing tweaks in it that let you customize every single accept of the rom it is very cool stuff. The rom runs smooth even when running so many different things at one time. This rom has been worked on for almost a year so you will have a super stable rom. This rom has everything working so you do not have to worry about something not working. This rom is in its finale stages so it will not be being updated anymore, but there still might be minor updates that you will get pushed to your phone. Another really cool thing about this rom is that you can update it without even plugging your phone into the computer you can get ota updates which is so awesome. To see this rom in action then look below this post I have taken the liberty of making a youtube video review of this rom. To download this rom click here to download this sense 1.0 rom. If you like the video then please subscribe to my youtube channel thanks.

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