Friday, September 7, 2012

Sony Xperia Rom For Htc Evo 4g

Hello guys so this is a android 2.3.7 rom for evo. The really cool thing about this rom is that it is a port of the sony xperia software. Another cool thing about this rom is that it has these bubbles in the corner and you can put apps in the bubbles and they will stay there as you scroll through your home screens.  That is a very different thing because I have never used a rom that has this before and I think it is a very cool feature that should be utilized in more roms. This rom is superfast right when you click on something it opens up right away with no lag. The rom has some of the coolest animations I have ever seen in any rom. The rom is really stable compared other roms and it has everything working so it is a 100% complete rom. I would definitely recommend this rom to anyone who wants and stable rom. There so many tweaks in this rom that you will be able to notice it. This rom also has an sbc kernel so you can trickle charge and get some extra battery life. To see this really awesome rom in action then make sure to check out my youtube video review that I have taken the liberty of making. To download this rom click here to download this rom. I would definately recommend this rom to anyone who is looking for a stable rom.


  1. i want to try this but your choice of cloud storage limiting to 50 kbp/s is slow enough I have however not seen more than 10 kbp/s

    Guess i'll wait for a good rom like it on better storage.

    Looks good just too slow to obtain

    1. it wasn't my choice for the server it is the dev of the rom.