Saturday, March 23, 2013

Giveaway iloome Galaxy S3 Creame Case

          Hello guys, I am going to be giving away 1 Galaxy S3 case. This case is from I did a review on the iPhone 5 Creame case if you want to check it out. To sum the video up though the case is great. It has a beautiful matte finish that feels amazing. This Galaxy S3 case has that same feeling. To enter this giveaway you have subsribe to my youtube channel the link is Like the video below this post and leave 1 comment per day on the video to get 1 entry everyday. Please do not leave a comment below because you wont be entered to win you must leave a comment on the youtube video. Make sure not to leave more than 1 comment or you will be disqualified. Its that simple that is all you have to do. I must thank iloome again for allowing me to do a giveaway for you guys. I also want to say thank you to YOU without you none of this would be possible. This is my way of showing my appreciation to you guys. This is a US only giveaway sorry guys I will do more giveaways that are international, but for this one it will be US only.

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