Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to Upgrade your Evo Radio's to Gingerbread

Hey guys I will be telling you on how to update your Evo radio's to Gingerbread what this does is update your PRL your PRI your Wimax and your radio's. First download the radios form here click here to download radio's. Second you have to mount your phone as a disk drive and put the radios on the root of your sd card. Then you go into recovery and then go down to wipe. You have to wipe cache and dalvik cache. After that is done you go to flash zip form sd card and choose zip form sd card and you can find the radio update file and select it. After the update is done it will tell you to reboot and you can click that it will take you to a weird screen just let it finish. After that is done you can reboot and it will take a long time but that is it when you boot back into your phone it will be 100% working and you will have the new radios form the new Gingerbread. If you want to see all the steps in action look below and you can see how it is suppose to look there will be a video below that has all the steps. Hopefully this helped you guys update your Htc Evo radio's. I also heard that the new radios gives you better battery life.