Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sense 3.0 With Gingerbread B.O.S Port v7

Hey guys this is a pretty stable rom. The rom has 4g and 720p video working so that is good. Also this rom has 100% egl board so it means that the locksreen will work 100% of the time just like the virus Kingdom Port. This rom had a lot of mods and transparent notification bar. If you do not like all of these mods then I would go with the Virus Kingdom rom. One good thing about this rom is that it had 100% Netflix working. So all you Netflix lovers should get this rom. This rom is not as stable as the Virus Kingdom rom but it is stable. The battery life is the same on this rom as the Virus Kingdom rom. I did get one crash when I was using the rom so it is stable but it can be better. The Virus Kingdom rom didn't give me any crashes at all.  If you want to see how this rom looks and how it runs look below this post I have 2 youtube videos. To download this rom go here click here to download this rom right here. This rom comes with complete sense 3.0 and is a really great rom. I would recommend the rom to anyone who likes a whole lot of customized stuff to go with this rom. This rom was made by B.O.S  and the sacs team. You have to register to there site to download the rom. Hopefully this helped you get a sweet sense 3.0 rom on your Htc Evo 4g.

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