Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Google Buys Motorola, Htc Partners With Beats, Hp Out Of Electronics Bussiness

Hello guys there was a bunch of Android News this week in the web. Google buys Motorola for a whopping 12.5 billion dollars. Check out this link to read a lot more about this story click here to read more. Google has announced that Motorola is not that only company that will get there new phone the nexus 3 Google says that every single company will have the same chance of getting the Nexus 3 for there company. This is a very big news in the Android world. The deal is not going to happen for a couple of months, but it is going to be agreed to very soon. A weird thing is that Google celebrated this news with a game a pingpong. Htc and Beats By Dre are partnering together to put beats audio into the Htc phones. I think this is really great and I love my beats and I know that this is going to be awesome. To read more about this then go here click here to read more about htc and beats by dre partnering up. Now for Hp they are getting out of the phone,computer,tablet business. This is huge news guys because Hp has there web OS software and no ones knows where that is going. To read more about that then go here click here to learn more about hp and why they are doing this. So that is the news of the last couple weeks in the android world so I would just like to keep you guys updated on the latest Android news. Look below to see my video on all these topics.

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