Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Top 9 Android Apps and Games

Hello guys this is my full list of all the apps I did a review on. To see that video look at the bottom of this post.
Hulu- To get this on your phone watch this video.click here to watch the video on how to get hulu on your phone  . The hulu is just like if you where to go to hulu.com on your computer, but now you can use it on your mobile which is awesome.
Crackle- Lets you play recent and old movies straight to your phone for free.
A Monster Ate My Homework- Very fun and addicting app you have to knock down the monsters and make sure not to knock down the homework.
Pandora- Lets you scream all the music you want for free new and old some great music.
Cut The Rope- You have to cut a rope and try to get a piece of candy into a monsters mouth.
Baseball Superstars- You play a very cool fast game of baseball very addicting.
Lane Splitter- You tilt your motorcycle left and right to avoid traffic.
Software Data Cable- You can transfer data from you phone to your computer through Wifi no cables at all which is awesome.
Alchemy- This is a very Scientific game you have 4 basic elements that you start with and you have to combine them to make as many elements as you can out of the 4 basic elements that you start with . 

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