Thursday, September 29, 2011

Runny-Bliss-Hybrid-B.3 Sense 3.5 With Beats Audio

Hey guys this is one of the best sense 3.5 roms I have ever used it is very stable and I really like it. Some of the totally awesome things about this rom are that it has beats audio in it which is awesome because it really does make a difference any headphone can be transformed in a great sounding headphone with beats audio. It looks so cool when it is in the notification bar very great part of this rom. So far I haven't seen much lag in the rom which is nice. This rom is still in beta and there is no 4g no 720p video recording. Also the camcorder with this rom is not great it is very laggy and choppy and it does not work great. The other great thing about this rom is that it has that very cool quick launch app for the htc and sense 3.5 phones which makes it very easy for you to launch apps and see what is happening with your phone like a text or a call very handy way of organizing everything, good job htc for making this widget very nice widget. If you want to see the widget the beats audio and the whole rom watch my youtube video that I made it is at the bottom of this post. If you want to download this rom go here click here to download rom right here. In all this a great rom you should go check it out it is worth flashing and just give it a try maybe you will like the rom. Doesn't hurt to try.

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