Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sense 3.5 With Android 2.3.4 Kinged Bliss Beta 1.1

Hello guys I am very very excited for this because this is not just another sense 3.0 rom it is the very very new sense 3.5 that is coming to the new Htc Bliss. The great devs. ported to our great Htc Evo 4g in only 2 days. That is amazing they are on on a roll. Virus and King are both working very hard to perfect this rom and they are releasing a lot of updates so make sure to check back everyday. This rom is very smooth for a beta and I was really surprised how nice it was when I flashed it. I really love how it looks now and how nice any easy it is to jump to stuff. I like how they made it very easy to get into all of those 5 things and see them straight from your homesreen you can see if there is any updates or if you have a new email or text message it is great and very easy to use. To see this rom in action in its sense 3.5 glory look at the bottom of this post I made a very long youtube video review of the rom and I went over all the new things in so check it out. to download this rom go here click right here to download rom here. This rom only leaves you with 71 mb but if you delete all the stuff you don't want that came preloaded with the rom you will have around 150mb-200mb of free space which is awesome. This rom is defiantly worth giving a try if you love sense then this is a rom that is for granted it is still in its beta stages but it is still good. So flash this rom and get your new and improved sense 3.5 on.


  1. love the ROM and your blog! Having issues with internal space and of course Wifi not working but overall, what an amazing Beta!

  2. READ where it says if you want this ROM click right here,, DAMN READ IT!