Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ice Cream Sandwich iPhone Like Rom for Htc Evo 4g

Hello guys so this is an IceCream Sandwich rom for the Htc Evo 4g. This is an Miui rom if you have never used an Miui rom it is an iPhone like rom. If you do not like the iPhone look then I would not use this rom. This is a real IceCream Sandwich it is Android 4.0 which is really awesome and at first I did not think that it was real IceCream Sandwich but it is. This rom is just like the other gingerbread miui rom but this one is an Ice Cream Sandwich rom and it is stable. The only things that are not working in this rom is 4g and front camera which is pretty good becuase usually on Ice Cream Sandwich roms there are a lot of things not working. Miui roms are made by a good developers who does update his roms very often so you will get all the new fixes. Miui is a very big rom just cyanogenmod so it is ported to many phones and like I said it gets all the new fixes. Another really cool thing about this rom is that when you hold down the home button you get your open applications and you can drag then off the screen just like normal Ice Cream Sandwich roms but it looks a little bit different then it does in normal Ice Cream Sandwich roms. One thig you should know before you flash this rom is that Miui does not have an app drawer because the iPhone doesn't have an app drawer and this rom is trying to be like the iPhone with more customization so they did not put an app drawer in it. All the apps that you download from the market will go on your home screen and you can add a bunch of homescreens so it is not a huge deal but if you don't like that then I would not flash this rom. To download this rom then click here to download this rom. Also make sure to watch the video that is at the bottom of this post  and you can get a feel of Miui Ice Cream Sandwiched rom.


  1. Do I have to root my evo 4g first, in order to install rom or can I just download and install rom? Im currently running gingerbread 2.3.5.. Thanks.

    1. you need to root your evo I have a guide on how to root it on this website