Saturday, May 12, 2012

4 Kornerz Rom For Htc Evo 4g With Beats By Dre

Hello guys this is a peculiar rom I have never used anything like it before. The weird thing about this rom is that it has these bubbles in the corner and when you are scrolling through your screen some of them disappear its weird and different. I do like the idea of the 4 corners things I just think maybe there should be an option to take it off because some people may not like it. I like it because you can add whatever app you want to it and that is really awesome. Another really cool thing about this rom is that you can add a bunch of extra flashable tweaks to this rom. You can get beats by dre audio on this rom and you can get extended quick settings and there are a couple of kernels that you can pick from for this rom. This rom is also really realy quick and snappy it opens up applications instantly which is so awesome. Everything on this rom works perfectly and it does work super fast I think this is one of the snappiest and quick roms I have ever used. This rom is also based off of the new sony bravia engine which is pretty cool. This rom is really awesome and it does get updated often so you will get all the new fixes. To download this rom click here to download this rom, Also don't forget to check out my video review and see this rom in action just look below this post and you will see the video.


  1. how do i get beats by dre on this rom?

    1. there is an optional .zip flash that

  2. pleace help me where is the link download