Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sense 4.0 for Htc Evo 4g

Hello guys this is a real sense 4.0 rom for htc evo 4g. This rom is still in its very very early stages so there are not many things that work in the rom yet. This rom is not ready to be ran as a daily rom just yet, but this rom is coming along very nicely. This actually runs very smooth on the evo when switching through screens and opening up apps I was very surprised that it ran so nicely I was not expecting it to run this good. I can not wait till this rom gets more stable so I can flash it and use it as a daily rom. Only a couple of things work with this rom like the UI, Gps, Data. You can use this rom to go on the internet and it will work but the internet speed is not that fast so don't expect to much from the rom. The Gps works good with the rom, but it does sometimes lose the signal so it is not complete either. The UI works really nice it is as smooth as a sense 1.0 rom when switching through screens. This rom also has most of the new features of the new sense 4.0. The menu button on our evo does not work when you are using this rom because there is no menu button on all the phones that come with sense 4.0 right now and this is a port from a phone without the menu button. To download this Sense 4.0 rom for the evo then click here to download this rom. Also make sure to check out my video review that is located beneath this post.


  1. Menu button doesn't work because HTC One only has three buttons. It does work within apps. I liked this rom, but it isn't ready for daily use yet. With a bit more work, this rom could be the one that lures me away from mikG 3.11!

  2. Has the development on this rom died?

  3. Mamaguevasooo y el link de descarga??