Friday, October 5, 2012

How to Install Twrp On Htc Evo 4g/TouchPad

Hello guys I will be telling you how to install Twrp Recovery on the Htc Evo 4g and the Hp Touchpad. This works for a plethora of devices and to get the full list of devices and specific steps for those devices including all the download links for all the phones then go here to get the latest Twrp Recovery. If you don't know what Twrp is it is a recovery that allows you to use your touchscreen fully. This recovery is really really fast and awesome because you don't have to use any of your physical buttons to flash all your roms. For the Hp Touchpad all you have to do is go to the market and download an app called "GooManager". Once you have downloaded the app then you open it an go into the settings of the app and click "install openrecovery script". Your phone/tablet will reboot and thats it then you will have the Twrp recovery it is super simple and very easy to install. I would recommend going to your specific phones/tablets page to make sure that this method will work for your phone most likely it will. I would recommend this recovery over any other recovery because you can use your touchscreen in a recovery which is great. To see how to install this on the touchpad and to see how it run look below this post I have taken the liberty of making a youtube video review of this recovery.


  1. i used this but my phone is not working anymore. when i booted, only the htc evo 4g with white background appears. i used recovery again and twrp says my phone has no OS. :( i installed twrp and it downloaded something. it was installed in phone memory. i partitioned my sd card so it got erased. i put the sense 3.5 rom i downloaded from your link. what should i tick in the settings of twrp? there are so many choices.