Friday, November 2, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Unboxing

Hello guys this is my apple iPhone 5 unboxing. The iPhone 5 box looks really sleek and stylish. Apple does a very good job when making their products they have amazing build quality and they look very nice. The first time I held in the iPhone in my hand I was suprised at how light the iPhone was I felt like it was a little too light, like I would drop the phone all the time because it would just fall out of my hand. Putting a case on the phone will fix that. Another thing I noticed was the enlongated screen it is the perfect size not to big where I cant reach my thumb across the screen and not to small where I cant read the text on the screen. I think it is a really good move by apple to make the screen a little bigger because phones are getting bigger and bigger these days. What apple didn't do is add any new features in iOS 6, iOS still looks like it did when it first came out. I think that in order for apple to keep selling products like crazy they have to add some sort of widget support because they are falling behind. I will have a full review in a couple of weeks so make sure to check that one out. I will talk a lot more about software and everything else good and bad about the iPhone. Make sure to check out my video unboxing of the iPhone 5 below.

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