Friday, January 6, 2012

CIUI Cyanogen Mod Based iPhone Like ROM For Htc Evo 4g

Hello guys this is a extremly new rom and is still in beta stages, but basically what it is is a Cyanogen Mod based rom but it is themed to be like MIUI rom, but this rom has 4g in it because it is based off of cm7. This rom looks very nice it is supposed to be based off of MIUI which is a rom that is based off of iPhone. This rom is not as heavily themed as miui rom, but it is a pretty nice rom either way. This rom is similar to miui but it is not as themed, but that is because this rom is only in beta stages so there are some things that don't work but I know that this rom will get to look more like miui the more it progresses. The settings in this rom do not look like the settings in miui they look like the settings in cm7. Also the notification bar on this rom does not look like the miui on it looks like the cm7 one I perfer the miui. This rom does have 4g so that is what it has that is better than miui but for now I would go with the real miui because it is more stable then this rom and there is a lot of cool stuff in that rom that this rom does not have. Once this rom gets updated more and gets more features it will be very good. To see this ciui rom in action look below this post I have taken the liberty to make a youtube video review of this rom. To download this rom click here click here to download this rom. This rom is a nice one I would recommend getting this rom right now if you need that 4g and want that iPhone look.


  1. flashed this rom on evo but my sdcard is not mounted, so i can not restore my previous rom. Any suggestions?

  2. so far so good no issues yet. My sdcard mounted fine....

  3. reboot into recovery, you should be able to install the zip from there to get a previous rom back

  4. i love how this guy makes reviews of phones but he don't play with the phone first before he post video views its like he finds shit out when we do lol

    1. I do review of roms but the other part is true