Friday, January 6, 2012

MotoBlur Rom For Htc Evo 4g

Hello guys this rom is ported from the droid X. This rom is motoblur is motorola software it is pretty nice and a has some good thing and some bad things. The goods are that this rom has some really nice widgets that look very cool. The bad is that this rom does not have wifi working and no 4g either. Also another bad thing about this rom is that you have to set up a motorola account to even get into the phone which I really didn't want to waste the time doing because I am not going to use it at all. This rom has a lot of space left it right when you flash it so you don't have to worry about not having enough space to get all your roms. I like the rom because it is a little different then just sense it has some different stuff in it change is always good once in a while. This rom is great port because the developer got most of the good features of motoblur working in this rom so that is a really nice feature because there are no motoblur rom other than this one for the evo. If you just came from the droid X or any other phone with motoblur in it and you miss the UI then I would use this rom because it will be exactly like your old phone. To see this motoblur rom in action look at the bottom of this post you will see a youtube video review that I made about this rom. To download this rom go here click here to download this rom. I would recommend this rom because it is speedy and is different then other roms.

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