Friday, January 20, 2012

MikG Sense Rom With Working 4g Very Stable

Hello guys this a sense 2.1 rom but it has sense 3.0 features. This rom is really stable and the developer who made this rom is a really good one. This rom does not have the 3d scrolling on the homescreen but it does have a bunch of sense 3.0 features in it. This rom hasn't been updated in a while but that is because it is very stable already. This rom has everything working in in so you will not have any problems there. This rom is really stable because its base is a sense 2.1 and sense 2.1 roms for the evo are very stable.  This rom has really great 4g signal it catches signal really great. This rom is already on version 3.0 so it has been updated before and gotten all the bugs out of it. This rom is one of most stable I have ever used. I heard from a lot of people that this rom was awesome so I decided to flash it and I like it, it is very stable and just a stock sense rom. This rom has great tweaks in so you can easily tweak your android system these tweaks are especially good because they are the updated tweaks and you can change boot animations and boot down animations. In these tweaks you can also change a bunch of other stuff. To see this rom in action look below this post I made a youtube video review on it. To download this rom go here click here to download MikG rom. This rom is really worth checking out if you want a really stable rom. 


  1. is their a way for me to locate everything on my sd card from the phone or do i have to hook up to my computer?

  2. eh I tried to download some market applications and I get a message saying insufficient space in the store

    1. That means you dont have any space left on your phone