Thursday, July 7, 2011

Best Ptc Ever Make A Lot Of Money Free!

Hey guys this is the best ptc out there. this site has been around for 3 years so you know they pay. To sign up go here Link to the best Ptc ever click here to sign up free. There are A lot of different ways to make a lot of money  on neobux. The key is patience. You will not be making 50 dollars a day and the starting but after you rent a lot of referrals then you will make a lot of money. You do not have to invest any money at all you can just take the money you get form clicking on your the ads. You will get a sever time where all the ads reset so you can click on them all again. The key is to saving up $3 before you rent any referrals so that is $1 for each referral. You do this so that you can easily renew the referrals with out worrying about losing them because you can pay for them. Also if they are not active then you recycle them for 8 cents which you should do because if you do not you will lose money. After you do this continue it until you have 500 referrals then you stop buying and wait till you have about $120 which should not take long once you have 500 referrals. Make sure not to cash out but to upgrade to golden after that you will make double of what you where making before because you get double money from your referrals. After that keep renting referrals till you get 2000 which is the max for golden and thats it you keep recyling not active referrals till you get all or most of your referrals active. After that you can start cashing out $50  a day. Make sure to turn in auto pay and it is cheaper to rent a couple months for your referals then one month. That is all you ahve to do it will take time but it is so worth it. What are you waiting for get over to neobux and signup to sign up free go here click right here to sign up for free.

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  1. hey bro thanks for the site im gonna check it out have nothing to really lose from it i spend hours on the computer might as well make money doing it to could use the extra cash how does it all work as far as payouts and can i click advertisements from my cell or no??

    if u could thx