Friday, July 15, 2011

Sense 3.0 With Gingerbread Kinged Kingdom rom With Hulu App

Hello guys this is a very nice rom. This rom is really speedy and has a lot of potential. It is still in the beginning stages. It is only v1.3 and it is still in the testing stages. This rom is deferentially worth it. It has speed and space so those two things are not a problem. This rom is awesome because it has Hulu. There are some steps you have to take to set up the hulu. First you download the hacked adobe flash and the rom that will be right here click here to download hacked adobe flash and the rom. Once you download both of those you put them on the root of your sd card and flash the rom. Then you go to the market and download the latest flash player and then go into the hulu app and click on something and make sure that when you click it and go into a screen where you are about to watch the show there is not a blue cube if there is then force close the hulu app and try restarting device. Do this till the hulu app will say loading no more blue cube and then it will tell you that it is not supports. Now you go to the file manager that is on the rom or get one on your own and find the where ever you put the hacked adobe flash and click on it and replace the existing flash player. That is it them you can go back into the hulu app and enjoy as much Hulu as you want. This rom is defiantly worth trying. If you want to see all the steps to get the hulu to work and the rom itself look at the bottom of this post I will have 2 youtube videos at the bottom. Great rom get it

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