Friday, July 22, 2011

MIUI 1.7.15 With Android 2.3.4 On Htc Evo 4g

Hello Guys I actually like this rom. If you guys are coming straight from an iphone or you just like iphone like theme then this rom is what you want. This rom has amazing battery life I could go 3 days without a charge. This rom is only 80 mb so you will have plenty of space to download and get as many apps as you want. Also there is no app drawer, but you can add as many screens as you want to also you can put apps in folders so that is not   a problem. If you want to see this rom in action then look at the bottom of this post I did a video review on this rom. This rom is really smooth and it is very customizable. This rom is a really nice one and it has been ported to various phones so it is not only exclusive to Htc Evo 4g.  The only bad thing is that it does not have 4g and it does not have 720p working so those are two major issues, but if you guys has an iphone before then you didn't  have 4g on that thing either. This rom is really really iphone like all the setting and everything are based off of the iphone. Even when you call people it is exactly the same as when you call someone on the iphone. This rom gets updated very often so that is really good and I know that it will be getting 720p soon. To download this rom go here click here to download rom right here that will take you to the official forum so you can get all the updates.