Friday, October 7, 2011

HTC Runnymede Sense 3.5 MikRoms For Htc Evo

Hello guys this rom is really nice also. This rom can get customized like crazy it has its own RCmix tweaks which allows you to customize battery percent color themes and so much more about the UI. This is an awesome rom that can be customized easily. This rom has that quick launch but I could not get it to work mine was all transparent so maybe it was just my phone. This rom is running very smooth on out htc evo 4g's. This rom is totally awesome for the evo. This rom does not have beats audio inside of it. This rom also does not have 4g and also when you are taking video it is very laggy and you wont be able to take videos on your evo with this rom at this time but hopefully the rcmix team and the mik team can fix all of the issues and make this a 100% working sense 3.5 rom I think that is what we all want. This rom is very smooth and it works very nice. You have a lot of space with this rom when you first install it you have over 200mb which is awesome getting that much memory out a beta sense 3.5 rom. To see this rom in action look at the bottom of this post I have taken the libarty  to make a youtube video about this rom. To download this rom go here click here to download rom right here. This rom is very nice and you should totally give it a try it is worth it and if you dont like switch roms then. 


  1. Im really overwhelmed on which one to get Fearmede, Runny, MikG??? Which one is better in your opinion??? n or who got the better battery life?

  2. idiot doesnt put a link up.. well I a not as stupid as he thinks,.... I found it ..... SCREW U

  3. You are an idiot its an embedded link just read the post if you know how to read you will find it