Friday, October 7, 2011

KInGdOm ReWiND 3D Most Stable Sense 3.0 Ever!

Hello guys this is rom is one of the best sense 3.0 rom I have ever used. It also is very very stable rom. Everyone is always asking me which sense 3.0 rom I think is the best but this rom I think is the most most stable sense 3.0 rom out there. This rom has everything working when I say everything I mean everything, there is not a single thing that is not working in this rom it is stable and has 4g,wifi, gps everything is working. One of the biggest upsets with this rom is that you really don't get a lot of space with this rom. This rom space gets used up very very fast so that is an really bad part of this rom and I really dont like about this rom. This other than that issues is great it has great battery life it has all the sense 3.0 features you are not missing out on any of the sense 3.0 stuff. This rom also has some great animations and has transparent personalize bar and it is very cool. This is version 2.5 make sure to download version 2 and then flash 2.5 over that one and you will have a great camera fix and it is awesome. To to see this rom in action look below and you will see a youtube video below about it. To download this rom go here click here to download this rom. This rom is worth trying so make sure to download it and flash it, it is worth it. This rom was made a very good developer but he does not update the rom anymore but it does not matter because this rom is perfect other than not having a lot of space.


  1. Can you post a "how to" video? The link gives the download but not very descriptive to semi-computer geeks like myself. I can do anything with proper instructions.

  2. You have to be rooted watch my video how to do that then watch my video how to flash a custom rom

  3. Mines Mik3D, much more stable that kingdom now that its in rc