Friday, October 21, 2011

HybriD FuSiOn Sense 3.5 B.6 With Beats Audio

Hello people this rom is a hybrid fusion sense 3.5 rom made by team blaze. This rom is beta number 6 which is pretty good. So the new thing in this rom that sets it apart from every other sense 3.5 rom is that it is a mix of sense and aosp which is like CyanogenMod. This rom actually has an aosp lockscreen and the rest is sense. I have not seen any other part of this rom that is aosp just the lockscreen. I really am a fan of sense so this rom is okay. The rom does have that htc quick launch which a lot of people like including me because it organizes your home screen and just makes it super easy to jump straight to those apps. The rom is very stable and smooth but like all sense 3.5 it has no 4g and taking video does not work. This rom is different then other roms it is aosp with sense 3.5 which has never been done with any other sense 3.5 ever so it is first of its kind so this rom is kind of special. The rom has ok battery life so that is not a problem you can get through a full day without charging it which is a great thing. To see this rom in action look at the bottom of this post and you will see a youtube video that I made on this rom. To download this rom go here click here to download rom right here. This rom is a fusion of an aosp and sense 3.5 and I am sure most of you guys have never seen a rom like this so maybe it is worth downloading and flashing.

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