Friday, October 21, 2011

Supersonic 3D Sense 3.5 RC1.2

Hello guys this is one of the really good sense 3.5 Rom's out there. There are two major drawbacks with this Rom it is that there is no 4g and that taking video does not work. This Rom is out of beta so that is a really good thing that means that it is stable enough. Supersonic 3d Rom is a really nice name for it because another name for the htc evo 4g is supersonic and this Rom makes it look very 3D. This Rom is a sense 3.5, but it does not have beats by dre audio. Also the Rom does not have that htc quick launch so if you want that then do not flash this Rom there are other sense 3.5 Rom's that have the quick launch like the runny bliss. The Rom also has supersonic 3D tweaks which lets you change a bunch of stuff in the Rom like put a battery percent in the status bar you can also change the color of the battery percent and it makes it look very very cool. In the supersonic 3D tweaks it has a lot of UI changes so you can edit it very easily and you can customize the rom very easily and how you want it to be. The rom gets pretty good battery life it will at least last you a full day before you have to charge it again. The rom is very stable and it will not lag that much. Also on a clean install you get 200+ mb free so you can download all you apps you want. To see this rom in action look below I have made a youtube video on it. To download this rom go here click here to download rom. This rom is worth checking out and  you should try it.

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