Thursday, November 10, 2011

FuSioN EX1.1 Sense 3.5 Based Off Of Sensation XL For Htc Evo 4g

This by far on of the best sense 3.5 roms I have ever used. There are two things that set this rom apart from its counterparts one is that it is bases of off the new Sensation XL ruu which is totally awesome. The other thing is that is is a mix of aosp and sense 3.5 it has an aosp lockscreen, but you can also flash the sense 3.5 lockscreen.  Another great thing about this rom is that it has a mini clock and weather widget that looks super cool so that is a huge plus with this sense 3.5. Also this rom does have htc quick launch which is awesome because it lets you easily jump into 5 things of your choice. This rom is based off of the new Sensation XL which is so cool because all the other sense 3.5 roms are based off of either the Htc Bliss or Htc Runnymede so this is a great change of pace. This rom is super smooth and runs so smooth. The rom also give you 270+ Mb which is great because you get to use all of those Mb for whatever you want. Almost everything works in this rom except no 4g but a big fix is that 480p video recording does work 720p is not working yet but it is huge new that 420 is working. To see this rom is action look at the bottom of this post and you will see a video review I made on it. I know the video is kind of long but this rom is so awesome I couldn't stop talking about it. To download this rom go here click here download rom right here I always put the link in my post and it is right here. This is a great rom and it is worth checking out so make sure to go get it now.


  1. Not a bad rom. Very unstable when trying to overclock to 1190 mhz with setcpu. Cool look tho. I don't know if bluetooth works yet, havn't tryed it but everything else that is useful works. This rom probably actually has more stuff working on it than any of the other 3.5 roms, corect me if I'm wrong. I can't wait until sense 3.5 comes to sprint!

  2. I have downloaded and moved the file to my SD root but when I try to flash it the "boot.img" file doesn't show up. I downloaded from the link you provided. Am I doing something wrong?