Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Prime XL 3D Sense 3.5 With 720p HD Video Recording Working

Hey guys, this is a sense 3.5 rom that is by joelz not the other developer of the other Prime XL 3d. This rom is much much better than that other Prime XL 3d this one has a lot better stuff in the rom. This rom has speed and stability which is awesome. The rom has some of the best Prime Tweaks I have ever seen the tweaks are really something in this rom you can actually change the boot animation from the tweaks you can do so much more stuff with these tweaks than you can do it is really worth trying the rom because it has some of the best tweaks ever. The rom is really speedy. The rom has a lot of space so you do not have to worry about running out of space and also in the tweaks you can add 75 or 50 mb when ever you want which is really good feature to have in the tweaks. This sense 3.5 does have the mini htc clock and also has htc quick launch which is so awesome. You have a lot of chooses when picking sense 3.5 roms and I think this is one of the nicer sense 3.5 out there so if you are looking for a stable sense 3.5 that has everything working other than 4g then go with this one. This rom has has 720p video recording working 100% which is awesome so now all the devs have to fix is the 4g other than that everything works 100% stable. To see this rom in action look at the bottom of this post and you will see a video that I made about this rom. To download this rom click here right here to download this rom. Make sure to check this rom out it is stable and great.

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