Thursday, November 10, 2011

RCMix3d Runny® Sense 3.5 Sound Forge Edition

Alright so this is another sense 3.5 rom but this one is themed. I did not flash the themed one but I saw the pictures and it looks really really cool. The good thing about this rom is that it has an awesome theme and that 480p video recording works right now. This rom also has a mini htc clock with weather and everything and it looks really really awesome. This rom has a really nice rcmix3d tweaks in it that lets you easy customize stuff in your android system that you really need to customize. It lets you put battery percent in your notification bar and do a lot more stuff in the tweaks it is very cool make sure to check this rom out. This rom also has htc quick launch which lets you quickly jump to five things of your choose. This rom has over 300+ Mb of which is so great because most roms give you like 100 Mb but this sense 3.5 rom gives you an astonishing 300+ Mb. RcMix3d is a great rom that gets updated very often and also in a themed version which awesome because there are no sense 3.5 that are themed this nice. To see how nice this rom looks, look at the bottom of this post and you will see my video review on this rom. To download this rom go here click here to download this rom. This rom is a good solid stable sense 3.5, but it does not have 4g working yet hopefully sprint gets sense 3.5 so we can get 4g for the evo. Great rom worth it to give it a flash.


  1. Its uploading to youtube it is going really really slow sorry. I will post here right when it gets done

  2. Glad to see that you succed with this rom so far,but i don't see link to download. I red your post many times but still can't find any links. Please explain how to download the ROM.

  3. It is not in url form it is in writting form.

  4. wheres the link for doewload ? :O

    1. Read the post the link is embedded