Friday, February 17, 2012

#3 Best Games That I Have On My Phone

Hello guys so I will be doing a review on some really cool games. So lets get started, First game is Dragon Fly so this game is a copy of Tiny Wings for android, so if you have ever played tiny wings then you will know exactly how to play this games. To download Dragon Fly click here to download Dragon Fly. The next game is Hyper Jump this game is really similar to Mega jump. All you have to do in this game is collect coins and the more coins you collect the higher you will fly up if you drop down and don't collect any coins then you die. To download Hyper Jump click here to download Hyper Jump. Next game is Moto X Mayhem this game is really fun what you got to do is ride this Dirt Bike and you have all this terrain that is trying to make you fall and all you have to do is get to the end of the course the game gets really hard as the levels progress. To download Moto X Mayhem click here to download Moto X Mayhem. Next game is AfterMath this game is a Zombie killing game all you have to do is run around and do different objectives and go to different places in the game without getting eaten by the zombies. To download AfterMath click here to download AfterMath. The last game of this week is Jet Car Stunts this a really fun racing game. You are this Jet car and you have to go through different courses and obstacles and the game is really hard, but fun at the same time and the graphics are amazing. To download Jet Car Stunts click here to download Jet Car Stunts. To see all of these games in action make sure to look below this post I have made a youtube video review on it and I just got a new camera that has better quality so make sure to check that out also.

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