Friday, February 24, 2012

#4 Best Apps That I Have On My Phone

Hello Guys this is my number best games of the week post. So lets get this thing started with the first app Ghostly Sms this app is an app that will help you get all your text if you are noticing that you are not receiving all your text messages then this app is perfect for you and I can tell you that this app actually does work. To download Ghostly Sms click here to download Ghostly Sms. Next app is Crackle this app lets you watch full length great quality movies. The movies are not that new but they are still pretty recent movies and they are free, you can also watch full TV shows. To download Crackle click here to download Crackle. Next app is Ultimate Favs Pro now this app is a carousel app holder that spins. This app comes in handy when you are doing reviews or even showing of to friends because you can put your favorite apps and contacts on the carousel and spin it. To download Ultimate Favs Pro click here to download Ultimate Favs Pro. Next app is Prox Pro what this app does is use your proximity sensors to do different actions that you set. So for example if you set when your phone is flat and you swipe your hand over your proximity sensor the notification bar will come down stuff like that you can customize everything in the settings. You can set a bunch of different stuff to do when you hand goes over the sensor. To download Prox Pro click here to go to Prox Pro. The next app is  Zedge this is one of my favorite apps because this app gives you  free ringtones, wallpapers, and notification sounds. They have a bunch of all different wallpapers all free to download. To download Zedge click here to download Zedge. Guys make sure to download these awesome apps.

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