Friday, February 17, 2012

#3 Best Apps That I Have On My Phone

Hello guys I am going to be writting and giving you links to the best apps of this week that I have on my phone. So lets get started, First app is App2Sd this is a great app that lets you move your apps from your internal storage to your sd card. It saves a bunch of internal memory so you can get a lot more apps and games on your phone. To download App2Sd click here to download App2Sd. The next app is Tiny Flashlight it is a simple app that lets you use your back led light or your actual screen as a flash light. The app is really simple to use and very very handy in those dark places. To download Tiny Flashlight click here here to download Tiny Flashlight. Next app is Fancy widget Pro this app is really similar to beautiful widget but this app does not have as many clocks. The reason I use this widget is because the clocks that it does have are very similar looking to the htc sense clocks, but it has a nice black theme to it and there are many different sizes to choose from. To download Fancy Widget Pro click here to download Fancy Widget Pro. Next app is Swipe pad this is one of my favorite apps on the market because it is so useful what it is, is an app that lets you swipe on the side of your screen and it pops up this sort of menu thing with 12 slots that you can add apps in so for example I could put my messages there and every time I swipe at the location I picked I can easily go into messages. You can swipe there even if you are in an app. It lets you put 12 different things there so you can easily jump to 12 different things. To download swipe pad click here to download Swipe Pad. Next app and one of my favorites is Ice Stream what this app is, is an that lets you stream and download movies straight from you phone it is very simple and works great. They have a huge collection of movies and TV shows and they have most of the new ones also. To download Ice Stream click here to download Ice Stream. Also dont forget to watch my youtube video review on these apps it will be below this post so make sure to check it out I  just got my new camera so it is a good one.

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