Friday, February 24, 2012

#4 Best Games That I Have On My Phone

Hello guys this is the number four best games of the week review. Lets get this thing started with A Zombie Survival which is a really fun zombie game. What you have to do is avoid getting killed by the zombies you have to pick up guns and machete zombies. To download A Zombie Survival click here to download A Zombie Survival. Next game is Deal or No Deal yet that game that you watch on the TV. This game is really easy simple to play it has the same exact rules as the real deal or no deal does, but instead of watching someone play you are actually the one playing. To download Deal or No Deal click here to download Deal or No Deal. Next Game is Light Racer 3D this game is unlike any other game on the market what you have to do is get the other person to crash into your line of light that you leave behind you. To download Light Racer 3D click here to download Light Racer 3D. Next game is Trail X2 this game is a dirt bike game and you have to just go through obstacles and get to the end. There are a lot of levels on this game and they are very hard levels. To download Trail X2 click here to download Trail X2. The last game is Top Truck is a monster truck game that you have to go through different obstacles. To download Top Truck click here  to download Top Truck. Make sure to check out all of these games they are great.

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