Friday, February 3, 2012

Tweak That Can Speed Up Your Phone Very Easy

Hello guys so this is a real simple tweak that is said to be speed up your android phone and give you better battery life. Like I said this tweak is very simple to follow these are going to be my written instructions. If you want to see all the steps in action look below the post I made a youtube video about it. First step is to get a file manager here is a link to root explorer click here to download root explorer. If you have ever used supercharge or any other speed tweaks you must delete those or turn them off. Then boot into recovery and mount /system, then mount /data. Then find put this file on sd card click here to download the tweaks. Then after that is on your sd card flash it. After that go back and unmount /system. Then all you have to so is reboot into your phone but you are suppose to let it sit in the lockscreen for about 2 minutes and then get into your actual phone and let it sit there for about 2 minutes. Then he says that after about an hour you will notice that your phone is running so much smooother. I have this on my phone for over an hour and I do notice a little bit of a difference I think the rom is actually running faster which is really awesome a simple tweak actually works and it is very simple to do as long as you follow some simple steps.


  1. So far what's you favorite rom? which one doesnt lag alot and which one does better on battery? i know CIUI and MIUI are good on battery. i would love to stick with MIUI but the phone app force closes alot, u know any tweaks that might fix that?

    1. try miui if you dont care about battery life

  2. would this work on MIUI Swiper?

  3. can this tweaks work on other phones ???? reply asap?