Friday, February 3, 2012

#1 Apps I Have On My Phone

Hello guys this is the first episode of my new series this is my favorite apps of the week. I only reviewed a couple of apps this week the number of apps will grow with time and I will get better at my reviews. The first app I did a review on was Titanium backup which is an app for root users only, what the app does is it allows you to back up other apps on your phone so if you were going to flash a new rom you would lose all of your apps, but if you did a backup with titanium backup then all you need to do is download titanium backup again and restore the app really simple. To download titanium backup go here click here to download titanium backup. Next app is Juice Defender Ultimate this is one of my most favorite apps what this app does turn off your internet when your screen is off. It is a huge battery saver to download juice defender ultimate go here click here to download juice defender ultimate. Next app is Scorecenter it is a great app for those big sports fan. It just gives you all the sports scores for all the games and it comes with a great widget. To download scorecenter click here to download this app. Next app is Iris it is like a siri copy but it is very great app. This app is powered by cha-cha and the answers are very accurate. To download this app click here to download iris. To see a video review of all these apps and to see them in action then look below this post I have taken the liberty of making a youtube video review of these apps.

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