Friday, March 2, 2012

#5 Best Apps That I Have On My Phone

Hello guys I am going to be doing the #5 best apps of this week. So lets get this thing started with the first App which is Circle Launcher this is an organization app it is really really simple to use all you have to do add application to this widget and then it will organize in a very cool circle way. To download Circle Launcher click here to download Circle Launcher. Next app is Google Goggles which is a really useful app it actually allows you take a picture of anything and search google with that picture. The app also can scan bar codes and take pictures of business cards. To download Google Goggles click here to download Google Goggles. Next app is Lookout this is a virus scan app. This app can find your phone also and it can back it up this app is really awesome if you download non market apps because some of them might be a virus. To download Lookout click here to download Lookout. Next app is Skyfire License for the video this is the license for the video feature in skyfire browser. So all you need to do is download the browser and get the license and you will have the video feature and a nice browser. To download Skyfire Video License click here to download Skyfire Video License. Last app is Folder Organizer which is a really nice organizing app. It is really simple to use and it saves a bunch of space on your screen. To download Folder Organizer click here to download Folder Organizer. Make sure to download all of these apps they are free and awesome.

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