Friday, March 30, 2012

How to Get Any Phone Compatible With Any Game

Hello guys I will be telling you on how to get any phone compatible with any game. These steps are very simple. First you have to download the build.prop editor to download this app click here to download build.prop editor.  The next step is to find a phone that is compatible with the Game you are trying to make you phone compatible with. Next you have to find out that phones official name like the Galaxy SII name is SGH-t989. The next step is to go into the build.prop editor app and change the ro.product.model to whatever device you have just found that is compatible with the game make sure to save it before backing out. The next step is you find the ro.product.brand and change whatever is in the space to whatever phone company made the phone that you are using that is compatible with your game EX. Samsung, Htc. Make sure to save that also. Then all you have to do is reboot your device 1 time and then go into the desired game and it should work. This is a really simple thing that you can do, but it makes such a huge difference. You can now play that game that you always wanted to, but you phone wouldn't all you to. If you want to see all these steps in action then look below this post I have taken the liberty of making a video review on these steps.


  1. whats the official name for the htc evo 4g?

    1. Just use the gsII shown in the video

  2. hey it doesn't work D: i can't even download build.prop Editor, i tried with another editor but still nothing D:

  3. hey where is the software ??????????????