Friday, March 30, 2012

#7 Best Games of 2012

Hello guys this is my Best Games of this week so lets get this thing started. The first Game is Fruit Ninja this app is really commonly know Game almost everyone has heard of this game. For those who haven't this game is really simple all you have to do is slice the fruit that comes up on the screen. There are some different modes that you can play it is a really fun and addicting game. To download Fruit Ninja click here to download Fruit Ninja. The next Game is Samurai Vs. Zombie this game is pretty fun. Basically all you have to do in this game is go through different wanes of Zombies and you have to kill them all to pass the wave. To download Samurai Vs. Zombies click here to download Samurai Vs. Zombies. The next Game is Heavy Gunner 3D this game is really addicting. It is pretty easy to play all you have yo do is shot all of space ships in the sky. You have to go in a 360 view it looks very cool. To download Heavy Gunner 3D click here to download Heavy Gunner 3D. The best Game is Temple run this is a highly anticipated game. This game is really fun all you have to do is run away from a temple that you have stolen something from but there are many obstacles and turns in the way. To download Temple Run click here To download Temple Run. The last Game is Plumber Crack this game is kind of weird. What you have to do is shoot ice into a plumber crack. To download this game click here to download Plumber Crack. To see all of these Games in action watch the Youtube video that I made. The video will be below this post.

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