Friday, March 30, 2012

#7 Best Apps of 2012

Hello guys this is my best apps of this week so lets get this started. The first App is Speed Test this app is really simple to use all you have to do is click begin to start the test. All this app does is test the speed of what internet connection you are connected to. It is a useful app if you want to know how fast your network is going. To download Speed Test click here to download SpeedTest. The next app is ICS browser plus, this is a really speedy and nice browser. This browser is really nice because you can open a bunch of tabs without any lag. To download ICS browser plus then click here to download ICS Browser Plus. The next app is FireFox this is another awesome browser for Android. The good thing about this browser is that you can sync all of you tabs that you have open on your computer in FireFox to your phone. To download FireFox click here to download FireFox. The next App is delayed lock, what this app does is delay you lock screen password or pin from showing up for a certain amount of time. This app is really good when you don't want to keep putting your password in. To download Delay Lock click here to download Delay Lock. The last App is MIUI Locker this is one of my favorite apps. This app allows you to pick from thousands of different lockscreens it is an amazing and easy app to use. There are some amazing lockscreens in this app make sure to check this app out. To download MIUI locker click here to download MIUI Locker. To see all of these Apps in action then look below this post to watch a youtube video that I have made.

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