Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to Get Hulu working on Ice Cream Sandwich Any Phone

Hello guys so this is a post about how to get hulu working on any Ice Cream Sandwich rom. Obviously you have to be rooted and there are some things that you have to download from the Market. The things you have to download is ES file manager, Script manager, flash player 11 from the market, and ics browser because it runs the best with Hulu. The steps are pretty simple, but I would highly recommend that you watch my video that I have put as the bottom of this post. The video will explain everything show you have to do everything and proof that it works also. I will give you some written steps here so first download the ics hacked flash file right here to download the ics flash hack. Next you will extract that to the root of you sd card. You must be rooted and set ES file manager to RO. Then you will copy both of those files on your sd card that you got from the extracted ics file. You will copy those to system/data/flash you will do this in ES file manager. If you don't have the flash file then you can make one. After you have copied those 2 files there then you go to Script manager and set as root. Give that superuser permissions. Then you will click on the you click on the S98 fix flash and on the top it will give you a picture of the superuser icon and a thing that says boot, make sure to click on both of those and click run. Thats all you have to do, go into ics browser and make sure the agent is set to desktop. Go to hulu and it should work. If  you couldn't figure it watch the video it will explain everything.


  1. Hey man, I love all of your reviews. I too have a touch pad currently with cm7 which is how I got it. Have never did any tried any new roms on my phone yet but soon thanks to this site. Will go for cm9 now on the touchpad after watching your review. Thanks