Friday, March 23, 2012

#6 Best Apps That I Have On My Phone

Hello guys so I will be reviewing my number 6 best apps on the Google Play Store. Lets get this thing started first app is Adaway what this app does is it allows you to get rid of all the ads on your android system. It gets rid of ads in apps and games. To download Adaway click here to download Adaway. The next app is System Tuner Pro what this app does it allows you to completely monitor your Android system. The app also lets you overclock your device as long as your kernel and rom allows you to. To download System Tuner Pro click here to download System Tuner Pro. The Next App is ScreenShot Er this app is really simple. The app allows you to take a screenshot except you have to be rooted in order to use this app. To download ScreenShot Er then click here to download ScreenShot Er. Next app is Hd Widgets and this app is exactly what you think it is, it is Hd widget. The app has a lot of widgets to pick from with a lot of customization. To download Hd widgets click here to download Hd Widget. The last app is Power amp and this app is an alternate music player. This app allows you to really get into your music. To download Power amp click here to download Power Amp Pro. To see all these apps in action look below this post and watch my youtube video review on them.

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  1. awwww DAMM!!!

    Wut had happened wuzzz...
    I installed da unlocka from yo link. & I was bumpin HARD AZZ trakkz all night!! Ish waz werkin lyke a charm!!!

    but when I woke up in da monin frum bein sleep... da app was playa hatin on a nigga. talkin bout license was invalid!! I had to come up out mah pokketz and purchaze da full up for 4.99.

    I aint mad @ U tho. Keep doin yo thang. Holla @ ya boi. thankz fo keepin it 1 hunnit. nah, you kept it mo than dat.. you was keepin it @ 1 hunnit thouzand trillion