Friday, March 2, 2012

#5 Best Games That I Have On My Phone

Hello guys so I am doing my best Games of this week review. Lets get this thing started with the first game Pool Master Pro this is an actual pool game it has pretty nice graphics on it. You can play with the CPU or just by yourself . To download Pool Mater Pro then click here to download Pool Mater Pro. The next game is The Wars this is the same exact game as the computer game age of war but it is on your android phone. This game is so awesome all you have to do buy people and to make them fight the other side and you have to destroy the other sides house. To download The War click here to download The Wars. Next game is Plants Vs. Zombies this is the same exact app as the one on the iPhone, all you have to do in this Game is keep the zombies out of your house you have to put flowers and shooting plants to stop the zombies from getting in. To download Plants VS. Zombies click here to download Plants VS. Zombies. The next game is baseball superstars this is a really fun app you just play baseball. You can pick between a pitcher and a hitter. To download Baseball Superstars click here to download Baseball Superstars. The last Game is Fieldrunner Hd this app is really fun app you have to stop these monsters from getting from one side to other. All you have to do is put different guns in there way to kill them and try to stop them from getting to the other side. To download Baseball Superstars click here to download FieldRunners HD. Make sure to get all of these they are all Free if you download them from my links.

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