Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Best 13 apps in the android market review

Hey guys I know 13 is not a lucky number but i only covered 12 in the video and I added the last one in after so it is ok.
Dolphin browser HD- great browser free from android market 
Wireless Tether (might not look the same as mine but thats ok as long as you are rooted it will work) lets you that the 3g signal that you have and makes it into wifi so other devices can connect
Google Sky Maps- lets you see the stars where ever you point the phone 
Google Googles (this is the one that I did not say in the video. If you take a picture of something it will search the Google for it and tell you what it is also translates languages)
App2sd- allows you to move apps to your sd card 2.2 and up only
Efile manager- get file manger to mange your files  
Mega Jump- fun game where you are a monster and you have to collect coins 
Battery Indicator Pro -puts the battery percent at the top of the screen 
PhoneMyPc- lets you control your Pc form your Evo 
Quick Boot- easily power off boot into recovery and bootloader requires root 
Titanium Backup- lets you backup all your apps and data needs root
Music Wizard- lets you download free music 
Juice Defender- Turns off your internet when your screen goes off and saves alot of battery
Chomp Sms- it is a very iphone like messaging app.  
I made a youtube video about these apps so if you want to see how they look like or how they run look under the post. These are my personal top 13 apps that I use the most and hopefully you like them.

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