Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Sense 3.0 features with Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Htc Evo 4g

Hey guys this rom is called Gingersense version b4. This is the latest version as of 5/10/11. This rom is made by Virus and the Rc team. This rom has the new sense 2.0 with some sense 3.0 features. The lockscreen is the from the new sense 3.0 that will be coming to select phones. Htc says that they will only give the sense 3.0 update to dual core phones but Virus already has another rom called the kingdom rom that is full sense 3.0 and also 4g is working with that rom so that is awesome. When that rom get little bit more stable I will be flashing it and doing a review on that so stay tuned for that review. Virus is one of the best rom makers I have ever seen. His roms are amazing they have great battery life and they run great. The things that are not working in the new Gingersense rom is no 4g thats it. The front camera works the back camera works video works everything works 720p works. This rom is great if you are willing to give up 4g. This rom has the leaked kernel form the gingerbread rom. I have 2 youtube video on reviews of this rom look below I will have them both at the bottom of the post. This rom is very fast and it is worth it to flash if you do not mind giving up 4g. You need to be rooted to flash this rom or any other rom if you want to know how to root I have a youtube video right here Youtube Video How to Root Evo 4g  Also i have another post on blogger Here about rooting it has step by step so you can go there and check it out so you can flash this awesome rom. The link to download rom is here Link to download rom right here click here  .Thanks for reading this post hope to see you again and hopefully it helped you.


  1. download link would be amazing

  2. Eric the download link is in the post 2nd to last sentence it says link to download rom is here.