Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Inspire 4g port Virus,Myns Warms Z ,Echo ports with New Sense UI 2.0 on Htc Evo 4g

Hey these 3 ports are some of the best if you want a froyo sense 2.0 rom. My favorite would have to be the inspire 4g port because it is fast easy to use and has the best battery life I have ever seen in any rom. The inspire 4g port is made by virus he is a great rom maker and he knows how to make a awesome rom. The inspire 4g port is all stock sense like with all the new goodies of the fully optimized sense 2.0. This is a great rom that can be used as a daily rom only thing it does not have is 4g. I also made a youtube video you can watch that i go more in depth about the rom the video is at the bottom of the post. The Warm Z most of you have probably heard about it is very fast and the annimations on this rom are something. This rom has the best animations i have ever seen on any rom. Myn is also a very great rom maker he has warm two point two but that is not a sense 2.0 rom. Myn's sense 2.0 rom gives decent battery life. The rom is sense but it has a whole custom black theme over it if you dont like that you can change it in the skins menu. Overall this rom can be used as a daily rom just like the inspire 4g port only thing it lacks is 4g. I have youtube video on this rom it is at the bottom of the post. Finnaly we come to the echo rom this rom is ok for a sense 2.0 rom but I would do with the inspire 4g port or the Myns Warm Z rom they are better than this rom. The echo rom is not being updated any more so the rom is basically done. I have a youtube video of me reviewing this rom so you can check that out it will be at the bottom of this post. This rom also lacks 4g. All in all if you are willing to give up 4g then you should try one of these new sense 2.0 roms. Inspire 4g rom   Myns Warm Z Rom Echo rom 

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